xfl0ud Becomes A Free Agent

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xfl0ud Becomes A Free Agent

Yasin “⁠xfl0ud⁠” Koç decides to leave Eternal Fire following a month of inactivity

In a recent Twitter announcement, Yasin “⁠xfl0ud⁠” Koç shared that he has parted ways with Eternal Fire. After being a part of the Turkish organization for one and a half years, he bid farewell to his teammates and fans. During his time with Eternal Fire, he actively participated in several tournaments and lifted the CCT Central Europe Finals trophy. 

Eternal Fire continue to undergo a series of roster changes in its quest to establish a formidable and consistent lineup of players from the region. In the past few months alone, the organization has witnessed the return of Özgür “⁠woxic⁠” Eker, while also bidding farewell to xfl0ud and Ömer “⁠imoRR⁠” Karataş. These changes reflect the team's ongoing struggle to find a winning formula.

As Eternal Fire sought a solution to the challenges posed by Issa “⁠ISSAA⁠” Murad's struggle with a Turkish-speaking team, they turned to 20-year-old xfl0ud in October 2021. xfl0ud's time with the organization, however, was characterized by a series of obstacles, including injuries and the constant rotation of players, leading to intermittent appearances in the lineup over a period of 19 months.

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After spending six months on the bench, xfl0ud returned to the Eternal Fire main roster in October 2021, but he still could not nail down a permanent position. He was heavily rotated, but he stuck with the Turkish setup and attended four LAN events afterward. xfl0ud was a member of the Eternal Fire side that qualified for the Challenger Rotterdam semifinals and won the CCT Central Europe Finals a few months ago. 

“My road has come to the end with Eternal Fire after a 1.5-year journey,” xfl0ud wrote in his tweet. “I’m not under contract anymore and that means I am a free agent from now on. Looking for a new opportunity, new home, new challenge.”

xfl0ud maintained an average LAN rating of 0.99 over his final six months with Eternal Fire. It is , however, important to note that this figure does not fully reflect his contributions as a support player. In a recent interview, Engin “⁠MAJ3R⁠” Küpeli, the team's in-game leader, acknowledged that xfl0ud's lack of experience and confidence in late-round scenarios impacted his role within the team.

“He's my support player, throwing nades, being a little lurker, a little more passive,” MAJ3R said during the Paris Major RMRs. “He has potential, but he hasn't shown it yet because he lacks some experience or believing in himself… he's always in the late situations, so it's important for him to play well.”

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Ali “⁠Wicadia⁠” Haydar Yalçın wasted no time making his presence felt in the Eternal Fire senior squad after stepping in as xfl0ud's replacement. His contributions were instrumental in the team's runners-up run at CCT South Europe Series 4, where Wicadia maintained an impressive score of 1.11. Wicadia's playstyle leans towards a more aggressive approach compared to his predecessor, as he has engaged in nearly double the number of opening duels, demonstrating a noteworthy attempt rate of 21.3%.

Eternal Fire Current Lineup

Engin “⁠MAJ3R⁠” Küpeli

Ismailcan “⁠XANTARES⁠” Dörtkardeş

Buğra “⁠Calyx⁠” Arkın

Özgür “⁠woxic⁠” Eker

Ali “⁠Wicadia⁠” Haydar Yalçın (stand-in)


Sezgin “⁠Fabre⁠” Kalaycı (coach)

xfl0ud Becomes A Free Agent
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