Xccurate Moves to Valorant, Retires From CSGO

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Xccurate Moves to Valorant, Retires From CSGO

There's been a wave of CSGO pros moving to Valorant over the years, an Xccurate is the latest in that long line.

The battle between CSGO and Valoranthas been ongoing for several years. Ever since this game became available, a lot of famous CS players decided to switch. Even though VALORANT is mainly created to focus on Overwatch’s players, the game attracts fans from classic shooters.

Speaking of attracting players, Kevin “Xccurate ” Susanito is the recent player that decided to make a switch to  VALORANT. Some of you know him for his skills, but most players know that he is f0rsakeN’s brother. The latter also decided to join VALORANT not long ago.

Xccurate move to Valorant

As expected, the player himself announced that he would make a move from CS to Valorant. This happened around two days ago when Xccurate tweeted. According to the player himself, he went through loads of ups and downs while playing CSGO. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise because he’s been a part of the big scene since 2015.

Most of you probably know this player for his role in teams, such as Jakarta Juggernauts. However, he was also a part of several other big teams, including TYLOO. Needless to say, xxcurate also took part in two Majors, which is something that many others failed at.

When it comes down to VALORANT, we don’t know whether the player will try to find a new team or he will focus on something else. No one has any information yet, but we expect this to change in the near future.

There are a couple of big teams where xccurate can go to, such as Paper Rex. Those familiar with VALORANT will know that this is where Kevin’s brother plays. Whether we will see Kevin, there is still unknown, but it is definitely an option.

Final thoughts

VALORANT is getting more popular every day, and the recent transfer of a player from CSGO is yet another proof. F0rsaken, xccurate’s brother, is six years, but he moved to VALORANT last year. It seems like this had a positive effect because his brother decided to do the same.

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Xccurate Moves to Valorant, Retires From CSGO
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