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Hasan Ahmed | Esports Writer

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World Electronic Sports Games Qualifiers In Progress


Every year the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) tournament hosts teams from all around the globe to participate in an Olympics format tournament. Countries participate with their own players instead of the usual teams of players with different nationalities. Started originally by Alisports, the sports wing of the Alibaba Group, the third installment of this tournament commenced on 29 June 2018. The list of games featured in the tournament are:

1. DOTA 2
2. Counter-Strike : Global Offensive
3. Hearthstone
4. Starcraft 2

With a total prize pool of $5.5 million. The individual game winnings are sure to be just as hefty. Although the main event is to be held somewhere in March 2019, the qualifiers are in full swing. We’ll be discussing the DOTA 2 qualifiers.
Currently, two qualifiers have concluded. The Canada Qualifier and the China Qualifier.

The Canadian team is team PoTM Bottom consisting of: 


The Chinese qualifying team is the well-known EHOME lineup consisting of:

Sea mew
Faith Bian


An interesting story of the SEA qualifiers is that of Pakistani team Eximious Gold which had qualified for the WESG in 2017 but failed to attain visas and had to be replaced. The team split up shortly afterward and is now playing again under the guise of Prometheus Gaming, some members of the other Eximious variant i.e Exi Blue, also banded under the guise of Portal E-Sports and are playing the SEA qualifiers. Hopefully, they’ll be able to replicate their success and make their way onto the main stage. On 6th November 2018, the two teams met head to head and Prometheus Gaming emerged victorious with a 2-1 win and now will play in the finals for their spot in the qualifiers.

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