Women of the eRena $75K Fortnite OG Tournament Announcement

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Women of the eRena $75K Fortnite OG Tournament Announcement

It's time for another of erenaGG's Women of the eRena tournament featuring Fortnite!

The last two weeks had nonstop Call of Duty Warzone action, courtesy of erenaGG. Now it's time for a change of pace and scenery with another of erenaGG's Women of the eRena tournament. We're heading into Fortnite OG

Women of the eRena has been a staple tournament series in erenaGG's tournament lineup for several years and the largest women-only Fortnite tournament series. Over the years, the Women of the eRena series has steadily increased in popularity, and the prize pool has seen a considerable jump. Several years ago, Women of the eRena had a $25,000 prize pool. A $75,000 prize pool has been the standard this year, and the Women of the eRena Final last December had a whopping $150,000 prize pool. 

erenaGG hosted two Women of the eRena tournaments earlier this year, one on International Women's Day in March and one on August 7. The next will be a week from now, on November 20. Last year, erenaGG hosted three Women of the eRena tournaments, so this might be 2023's finale.

Women of the eRena Tournament Format

Here is the format for the upcoming Women of the eRena tournament!
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Fifty duos will drop down into Fortnite OG to duke it out for their share of $75,000 in prize money. 

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The last two Women of the eRena tournaments had a split format, with the competitors playing an even number of games in Zero Build and Build Mode, and erenaGG is maintaining a split format for the upcoming tournament as well. There will be 2 Battle Royale matches and 2 Zero Build matches for both NA and EU servers. 

Who is Competing in Women of the eRena?

erenaGG has yet to disclose which duos will compete in next week's Women of the eRena tournament. August's tournament held open qualifiers, though that doesn't appear to be the case this time. I can give you an idea of what duo might be a fan-favorite to win if they compete, however: Sommerset and vanessuh. 

Sommerset and vanessuh have been one of the most consistently dominant competitors in Women of the eRena. Alongside sparkles_qt, they finished 1st in last year's Women of the eRena final and took home 1st place in March's competition. They had a respectable 5th-place finish in the August tournament. 

The action begins November 20 at 5 PM EST. See you then!

Women of the eRena $75K Fortnite OG Tournament Announcement
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