Al Mazrah’s Last Hurrah 120K Call of Duty Warzone Tournament Format & Schedule

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Al Mazrah’s Last Hurrah 120K Call of Duty Warzone Tournament Format & Schedule

Did you enjoy the Call of Duty Warzone Eternal Rivals Unleashed tournament this weekend? Well, Al Mazrah's got one Last Hurrah for us, and there will be 3X the stakes.

The erenaGG-hosted Call of Duty Warzone Eternal Rivals Unleashed tournament ended this Sunday in an exciting Grand Finals between Complexity content creator Biffle and Team Diverge content creator ShiftyTV versus RydatV and Kurect. After dominant performances by Shifty and Biffle, the Team Biffle 2023 World Series of Warzone Grand Champions managed to come out on top as the Eternal Rivals Unleashed champions and $15,000 richer.

But erenaGG isn't done with Call of Duty Warzone for the year. Not yet. 

3 Days, 3, Events, 3 Winners: This is Al Mazrah's Last Hurrah

Starting November 6, Al Mazrah's Last Hurrah will begin. There will be three events on November 6, November 7, and November 9, with different winners for each event. With $120,000 in prize money total, it's possible these will be three $40K events.

Hundreds of content creators and Call of Duty Warzone pros have already reached out to erenaGG to put their names in the competitive hat. But as usual, with events like these, we likely won't know who the competitors are until game day. If you feel you've got what it takes, it can't hurt to reach out yourself. Though if Team Biffle show up again, best of luck to you.

erenaGG is putting on some of the best Call of Duty Warzone tournaments this year. Stay tuned for more information on Al Mazrah's Last Hurrah as we get closer to the event, and tune in at


erenaGG has just announced that Al Mazrah's Last Hurrah will now be a 2-day event from November 6-7 instead of a 3-day event. $120k will still be up for grabs.


The third time is the charm for this 3-part tournament series. Yes, you read that right; we've got three days of Warzone action again.

Al Mazrah's Last Hurrah: Day 1 & 2 Tournament Format

Here's the tournament format breakdown for Al Mazrah's Last Hurrah.
Image Source: @erenaGG Twitter/X

Day 1 of Al Mazrah's Last Hurrah begins on November 6, with a $50K Hide ‘N' Seek event. There will be five drops into Al Mazrah, 49 trio hiding teams, and one 3-player seeker team.

The Seeker team must hunt down and eliminate as many hiding players as possible before the map ends to score points. The 49 hiding teams get higher placement based on how long they survive on the map. The higher your placement, the more points your team earns.

If you're interested in participating, erenaGG is currently looking for players to be the seekers

Day 2 of Al Mazrah's Last Hurrah kicks off on November 7 with a $70K Match Point tournament. 49 trios will square off against one another, hunting for eliminations and higher placement in every match. 

The objective is to reach the set point threshold. Once a team does this, the team has to win a Warzone match to become the tournament champion. Points will determine the remaining winner placements.

Al Mazrah's Last Hurrah: Day 3 Tournament Format

erenaGG is hosting a third Mexicana tournament for Al Mazrah's Last Hurrah!
Image Source: @erenaGG Twitter/X

The $120K tournament series will be over by November 8, but erenaGG has decided to throw on another $10K Warzone tournament: Tarde Mexicana en Al Mazrah.

Going down November 8 and 9 PM ET, the Tarde Mexicana en Al Mazrah tournament will have a $10K prize pool. Six trios will face off in a custom lobby Battle Royale. You can tune in to the action at

Al Mazrah’s Last Hurrah 120K Call of Duty Warzone Tournament Format & Schedule
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