Team Biffle Wins Triumphant World Series of Warzone Global Finals

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Team Biffle Wins Triumphant World Series of Warzone Global Finals

Team Biffle are the global finals winners of WSOW 2023. Read all in our World Series of Warzone Grand Finals review!

Team Biffle were dominant leaders in the lobby for 3 consecutive WSOW maps in a row

Biffle, Sage and young gun Shifty absolutely dominated the competition by staying on top for 4 straight lobbies throughout the 6-map tournament. A stunning display of fortitude in the face of overwhelming odds, the NA trio won in positioning and team elims.

The 150-man Grand Final gave the London crowd a massive show of non-stop action as 50 trios vied for the WSOW 2023 trophy. Teams from all over the world that survived the last 2 stages competed with plenty in stock, but none to show for against Biffle and co.'s massive presence in the final circles.

We saw all of the trios forcing the encounters, with incomplete teams moving on all cylinders as the final trios were converging for the coveted 2x multiplier that could turn the tide.

wsow world series of warzone grand final

Throughout the midgame, we also saw Team Almond and Team Deus amir competing for 2nd place, but things soon turned slippery for  the second team. By the end, 2nd place was a toss up that landed in Smixie's favor.

It all came down to a nail-bitingly close 2v2 against Biffle and Smixie's squad, as the former's team captain secured the high ground to look out for the stragglers below. With sights locked, Shifty and Sage cleaned up near the water before securing the game-winning kill and claiming the $100,000 reward as well as the Global Final Champion title.

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The young guns blew everyone's expectations out of the water, especially since the absolute domination proved the doubters wrong. Stage 1 and Stage 2 spectators threw a lot of doubt on Shifty's name, expressing no support for the new guy's capabilities. And now the rookie's has 100k reasons to prove them all wrong.

wsow world series of warzone grand final

The squad's first in/first out tactics proved superior as any team that came across Biffle got bullied away from important places of interest, setting the foundation for the victory to come.

A bit of history was also made in the tail end of WSOS 2023 as jukeyz became the first EU winners on LAN following game 5. After a hectic 2v2 in the final circle, the big victory catapulted the trio to the top 10 placements, but still couldn't overcome Biffle's massive gap in the standings.

By the end, only Team Smixie and Team biffle were left standing, with Team Biffl taking the game-winning kill in an advantageous 2v1.

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Team Biffle Wins Triumphant World Series of Warzone Global Finals
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