Witchfire Tips and Tricks

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Witchfire Tips and Tricks

Witchfire is a difficult game to place when it comes to its genre. A little FPS, a little soulslike, a little roguelite, a little extraction, a little RPG. In short, it is a mix of different genres that can certainly accommodate a larger audience. Precisely for this reason, however, some Witchfire tips and tricks can be more than useful for tackling this adventure.

In this article, therefore, we will try to give you some useful advice that you can follow in order to get the better of your enemies and be able to successfully complete the game's expeditions. However, remember that the game is still in Early Access, so it's likely that once it releases in full, some things will change.

Witchfire Tips and Tricks

Before we get into the heart of the matter and give you some advice that can definitely make your adventure in Witchfire easier, you should know that the game is not simple. Since there are mechanics borrowed from soulslikes and roguelites, mastering this game is not a simple thing. We tell you this not to demoralize or scare you, but simply to inform you that having difficulty continuing is normal.

Choose the Right Class

The first thing to do, which may seem trivial, is to choose the right class. In Witchfire you have the possibility to choose between six different classes, each of which has its own characteristics and peculiarities. Although the choice is based a lot on your way of playing and how you usually decide to approach games of this genre, in Witchfire, we advise you against starting with a class that has the use of witchcraft as its strong point.

Witchery is a very difficult parameter to manage, especially if you are just starting out and maybe you are not even very accustomed to this type of game, so it is certainly not the wisest choice to start with a class like this. Obviously, if you are a veteran of the genre and are used to approaching games using this type of class, you can also opt for that.

For everyone else, however, our advice is to opt for a class that can “keep you a little safer”, so maybe either decide for the Butcher or for a class in which the initial stats reveal a strong focus on the Luck and Metanoia parameter. As we explained in another article, in fact, these are actually the parameters that you should increase, at least initially, as they allow you to obtain more objects and accumulate more experience.

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Familiarize with the Game

Another important thing, after choosing your class, is to familiarize yourself with the game. We said that Witchfire is not at all a simple game to play, so the best thing to do is definitely to take your time to be able to get into the perspective of the game well. The mechanics with which it is built can put you in difficulty at the beginning, as it is a mix of different genres, even quite different from each other.

If you're not used to this type of game, we're sure that your first expeditions won't have the desired effect, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't persevere. Witchfire is a game that rewards players who decide to dedicate themselves to the cause, as by making mistakes, you will always learn new things that will be useful in subsequent expeditions. Consequently, the best thing to do in order to become an expert player in Witchfire is to take your time to metabolize all the various game mechanics that are present.

Witchfire Tips and Tricks

Don't Be Afraid to Die

Closely linked to what we have just said, there is the question of death. In Witchfire you will die often; we cannot deny it. And every time you die, you will have to start the expedition again. If this may seem like a useful game mechanic at some point, it was actually well conceived if we take the game itself into consideration. As we have said several times now, Witchfire is not an easy game to tackle, so death, more often than not, is the “best” solution.

By starting a new expedition again, you will have the opportunity to approach it differently and try to understand what you did wrong. As they say, you learn by making mistakes. And Witchfire gives this saying its main essence. So, if you die (which will definitely happen), don't worry: you will have the opportunity to start the expedition again and look for a solution that is better than the one you tried previously and which led to your death.

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Witchfire Tips and Tricks

Use Arcana

During the expeditions, as you kill enemies, you will be able to unlock Arcana, which is a sort of ability that you can use in the rest of that expedition. These Arcana are many and are divided into three different categories: firearms, spells, and miscellaneous. For each of these categories, you will be able to choose between different types of Arcana with different characteristics. However, which ones will happen to you cannot be known a priori, as they are randomized.

When you collect them, a screen will automatically open where you will have to choose which one to equip. For each cluster of enemies killed, you will be offered three different ones, but you can only choose one per cluster. That said, if you are able to clear other clusters of enemies, you will have the option to choose another Arcana and so on. Which one to choose is very difficult to say, as we don't know which one will end up in your shipment. In any case, try to choose the one that best suits your way of playing and you will see that it will still be a big help for the rest of the expedition.

Witchfire Arcana

Don't Rush

Finally, we want to advise you not to rush when starting a new expedition. Take the time to thoroughly explore the area around you, see what enemies are present, and learn everything you need to know. Enemies are difficult to defeat if present in large numbers, so we encourage you to attract the attention of one (at most two) of them at a time for greater success. Once you have killed the enemies in an area, do not immediately run to the next one, but take some time to explore.

In Witchfire there are many hidden passages and things to collect (such as ammunition), which are very useful in order to continue the expedition and be successful. You don't want to arrive in an area full of enemies without ammo, right? So, the best thing to do to avoid this is to engage in exploration. Finally, Witchfire is also very beautiful from a visual point of view, therefore, precisely for an artistic question, we recommend that you explore the game world far and wide, as there are some very interesting glimpses.

Witchfire Tips and Tricks
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