All Witchfire Stats Explained

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All Witchfire Stats Explained

Witchfire is a difficult game to place when it comes to its genre, since it mixes several genres within it. One of these is the soulslike genre, although not in a pure way. For this reason, players will have Witchfire stats that they can upgrade as they continue through the game and accumulate the necessary experience.

In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about the stats in Witchfire so that you can choose the ones you need to boost, keeping in mind your way of playing. Furthermore, we will also provide you with advice on what, in our opinion, are the best stats to upgrade at the beginning of your adventure.

Witchfire Stats

Like any self-respecting game of the genre, in Witchfire too there are statistics that you can enhance over time, which will allow you to become increasingly stronger and face the threats that infest the game world more easily. However, deciding which of them to focus on is not at all easy, so that's why you need to know exactly what each single statistic is for in Witchfire.

Furthermore, as if that wasn't enough, there are some better stats to upgrade at the start of your adventure than the others. However, this depends both on the class you decide to choose at the beginning of your adventure and on your way of playing. In fact, the statistics in Witchfire are directly linked to your way of playing; they are a sort of reflection of it.

Witchfire Stats


This is the statistic that allows you to understand how much health you have. Obviously, the higher the score of this statistic, the larger your health bar will be. This is certainly a very important statistic and one that you will definitely have to strengthen over time, even if it is not the one to focus on at the beginning of your adventure.


This statistic is also directly linked to your health. In this case, it allows you to increase the healing power of the elixirs and mushrooms you will use to treat yourself. The higher the value of this parameter, the more effective the healing items will be. This is also certainly a useful statistic in the game's economy, since it allows you to use fewer healing items and therefore be able to save more for worse times.

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Endurance is nothing more than the stamina your character has. This statistic is certainly important because the higher its number, the more you will be able to run, jump, and launch attacks. As a result, it can definitely be a lifesaver in certain game situations, especially when you are surrounded by multiple enemies coming from all directions and you have to run to escape.


This stat is, in theory, very useful and powerful, especially if you make use of classes that have their focus on the use of magic; however, it's not at all easy to use a character where Witchery is the main stat. The characters who use this statistic, in fact, mostly use spells in combat and are not at all suitable for novice players, as often happens with magic-related classes. Consequently, we recommend that you upgrade this stat only when you have mastered the game mechanics.


If the other statistics are easy to understand even from their names, this is certainly not the case with Metanoia. Metanoia is the statistic that allows you to accumulate more witchfire (i.e., experience) during your adventure. As a result, it could be a great stat to boost at the beginning of your adventure, so that you may be able to level up faster and therefore have the chance to be stronger.


Finally, the last of the stats that can be upgraded in Witchfire is Luck. This statistic symbolizes the item drop rate when you kill enemies. In Witchfire, when you eliminate the threats that populate the game world, you will have the possibility of obtaining objects (sometimes very useful ones), so increasing this parameter will increase your chances of obtaining objects by exterminating enemies.

Witchfire Stats


Witchfire Best Stats

We've given you a general overview of the Witchfire stats, but which are the best ones that you should upgrade as soon as you start your adventure? In fact, there are several schools of thought here. Much depends on your way of playing and the class you choose, but we will try to give you some advice that can be useful for everyone.

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In our opinion, the best stats to boost at the start of your adventure are Luck, Metanoia, and Vitality. It may seem strange to some that we have not decided to include Healing and Endurance in this ranking, but we believe that the other three we have mentioned are much more useful to enhance, especially at the beginning of your adventure. Obviously, as you continue through the game, this distinction will not be so clear at all, but you will have to increase all the various Witchfire stats a little. At the beginning of the game, you will also have to make choices due to the few resources available.

In fact, as soon as you become a Prayer, you will not have to face very powerful enemies or very difficult situations (even if the game is not simple at all; we want to underline this), so concentrating your points on parameters such as Endurance and Healing can be a waste of resources. Instead, we advise you to start increasing the Luck parameter so that you can collect many more objects, which will make your life easier in the game. Then, you can also level up the Metanoia parameter to be able to get more witchfire (experience) and then we also advise you to spend points in enhancing Vitality to increase your maximum health.

Once you understand the game mechanics of Witchfire and have had some successful expeditions, you can decide to start increasing the other statistics that are present as well. Obviously, as you might have guessed, the next statistics to upgrade are definitely Endurance and Healing, since they allow you to have greater stamina and greater effectiveness of healing objects. We leave the Witchery stat for last, as it is useful to enhance it to a lesser extent if you are not a class with a focus on witchcraft.

All Witchfire Stats Explained
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