All Witchfire Arcana – Firearms, Spells, and Varia

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All Witchfire Arcana – Firearms, Spells, and Varia

In Witchfire you will have to take part in expeditions to eradicate “the abomination”, or the witches who infest the game world. As the Prayer, therefore, you will have to kill the enemies and the boss in the area to be able to continue to the next area. Since Witchfire is not a simple game, you will have Witchfire Arcana at your disposal to make your life a little easier.

In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know on the topic, indicating all the types of Arcana that are present in Witchfire. However, keep in mind that the game is still in Early Access and you can only explore part of it, so it is very likely that new Arcana will be added with the full release.

All Witchfire Arcana

Once you have started an expedition and have been able to completely clear an area of all its enemies, the game will reward you with the Witchfire Arcana, which are upgrades that will allow you to improve or modify your powers. The Arcana are divided into three different categories: Firearms, Spells, and Miscellaneous. In order to use them, you will need to have feathers that will allow you to unlock these upgrades that you can use for the rest of the run.

Witchfire Arcana


  • Range Sacrifice: Increased weapon damage at the cost of reduced range.
  • Full of Magic: Increased weapon damage for each spell charged to its fullest.
  • Empty of Magic: Increased weapon damage when all spells are drained.
  • Cascade: All weapon damage is critical for a short moment after casting any spell.
  • Elemental Firepower: Killing an enemy affected by an elemental magic temporarily boosts weapon damage.
  • Elemental Fire Rate: Killing an enemy affected by an elemental magic temporarily boosts RPM of all weapons.
  • Chaos Reload: After spending at least half a magazine, reload can apply a random element to the new magazine.
  • Revenge: Temporarily increased weapon damage after any damage is taken.
  • Reload Slide: Sliding partially reloads equipped weapon and increases damage and range during the slide.
  • Reload Dash: Dashing partially reloads equipped weapon and temporarily increases damage.
  • Safe Reload: Temporary damage resistance after reloading a weapon.
  • Immunity Reload: Immunity to enemy attacks after reloading an empty magazine.
  • Immunity Swap: Switching weapons grants immunity to enemy attacks for a short time.
  • Reload Swap: Switching to a weapon instantly reloads it.
  • Fast Reload: Faster weapon reload.
  • Kill Reload: Weapon kills partially reload the magazine.
  • Phantom Bullets: Missed bullets have a chance to rematerialize back in the magazine.
  • Critical Chain: Two critical hits in a row conjure an extra bullet in the magazine.
  • Large Magazine: Increased magazine size.
  • Firearm Mastery: Increased weapon stability, handling and aiming down sight speed.
  • Range Boost: Increased weapon range.
  • Fire Rate Boost: Increased rate of fire of non-automatic weapons.
  • Stun Bullets: Bullets knock back and stun enemies much faster.
  • Piercing Bullets: Bullets cannot be blocked by material shields.
  • Deadeye: Increased critical weapon damage.
  • Blindfire: Increased non-critical weapon damage.
  • Anti-Element: Bullets do more damage to enemies affected by an elemental magic.
  • Firepower Boost: Increased weapon damage.
  • Cleansing Fire: Increased weapon damage against witchfire-boosted enemies.
  • Final Bullet: Damage boost on the final bullet in the magazine.
  • Full Health Firepower: Increased weapon damage at full health.
  • Pendulum: Weapon damage is inversely related to health.
  • Fast Strafe: Increased strafe speed when aiming down sight.
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Witchfire Arcana


  • Elemental Refresh: Affecting enemies with an elemental magic refreshes all currently inflicted elemental status effects.
  • Lasting Element: Elemental status effects on enemies last longer.
  • Light Spell Recharge: Faster Light Spell recharge.
  • Heavy Spell Recharge: Faster Heavy Spell recharge.
  • Double Light Spell: Light Spell has one extra charge.
  • Fast Heavy Spell: Heavy Spell recharges faster when Light Spell is charged.
  • Immunity Spellcast: Casting a spell grants a short moment of immunity to enemy attacks.
  • Accelerant: Burning enemies receive even more damage.
  • Chaos Flame: Bullets randomly cause double damage to burning enemies.
  • Critical Burn: Any weapon damage on burning enemies counts as critical hits.
  • Heat Exhaustion: Weapons instantly knock back burning minor enemies.
  • Flashover: Critical kills make burning enemies explode and ignite others.
  • Pyrolysis: Additional damage against burning enemies but they fully heal if they survive the burn.
  • Fire Orb: Enemies killed when burning collapse into fire orbs that explode when another enemy gets near.
  • Rekindled: Killing burning enemies partially recharges Fire spells.
  • Ignition: Casting a Fire spell grants temporary boost to Stamina and weapons.
  • Extra Bolt: Additional lightning bolt per discharge.
  • Thunderbolt: Increased lightning bolt damage.
  • Longer Bolts: Increased range of lightning bolts.
  • More Bolt Jumps: Increased number of bolt jumps.
  • Perun: Critical hits produce more lightning bolts.
  • Conductor: Lightning bolts transfer all elemental status effects of the source.
  • Shockwave: Critical kills on shocked enemies produce a storm shockwave that knocks backs and shocks all nearby enemies.
  • Stormbringer: Casting a Lightning spell grants temporary aura that discharges lightning bolts at nearby enemies.
  • Necrosis: Increased decay damage.
  • Decay Echo: Total decay damage is the same but ticks are stronger in the beginning and weaker near the end.
  • Infectious Cloud: Decaying enemies who die to a critical hit explode with an infectious decay cloud.
  • Atrophy: Attacks of decaying enemies are weaker.
  • Fertilizer: Decaying enemies drop a pool of corrupted witchfire upon death. The pool empowers weapons and slowly heals new wounds.
  • Circle of Life: Enemy deaths caused by a decay's damage tick partially recharge Decay spells.
  • Pegophobia: Increased weapon damage against frozen targets.
  • Refreeze: After the initial freeze, major enemies have a chance to freeze again.
  • Ice Statue: Minor enemies freeze indefinitely until damaged with bullets.
  • Shattered Soul: Unfreezed enemies are damaged for a part of their maximum health.
  • Snowball: Frozen enemies release an ice cloud when killed. The cloud seeks and freezes the nearest enemy.
  • Cryocolcano: Shattered frozen enemies explode for half the damage received while frozen.
  • Rime Shield: Casting an Ice spell temporarily affects the caster with slower movement but a more resilient body.
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Witchfire Arcana


  • Health Boost: Increased Max Health.
  • Weakened Enemies: Enemies have less health.
  • Bonus Elixir: An extra elixir slot.
  • Blood Transfer: Increased chance for a killed enemy to drop Healing Elixir.
  • Rejuvenation: Faster Stamina regeneration.
  • More Stamina: More Stamina.
  • Live Wire: Strongly reduced wait before Stamina begins regenerating.
  • Flinchless: Flinch and movement penalty from damage strongly reduced but it costs Stamina.
  • Safe Deposit: Death will not consume any witchfire.
  • Witchfire Orbs: Dead enemies can drop a quickly dissolving orb with bonus witchfire.
All Witchfire Arcana – Firearms, Spells, and Varia
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