Will Dragon Ball Sparking Zero have Split Screen?

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Will Dragon Ball Sparking Zero have Split Screen?

Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi is a fan-favorite franchise set to return this year. Fans have been wondering will Dragon Ball Sparking Zero have split screen like the Golden Ages

Dragon Ball fans collectively lost their minds earlier this year when Bandai Namco announced the return of the Budokai Tenkaichi series. Dragon Ball Sparking Blast will be the fourth entry to the series, returning after nineteen long years. Fans are understandably excited about the supposedly massive character roster that the game will have in true Budokai fashion.

Will Dragon Ball Sparking Zero have Split Screen?

Will Dragon Ball Sparking Zero have Split Screen
Credit: Toei Animation

 The Budokai series is regarded as one of the best game series with a local multiplayer. Long-time admirers of the series have fond memories of breaking their controllers while fighting against their friends. Gamers are hoping the game has the iconic split screen mode return for this entry. However, unfortunately, all signs are pointing to the opposite.

The short trailer showcasing any gameplay for the game showed a Dragon Ball Xenoverse type of gameplay. The Xenoverse games are notorious for not having a local multiplayer, even though fans have been asking for it for years. This game will likely follow the steps of Dragon Ball’s recent game series’ like Xenoverse, and not have local multiplayer. Additionally, the game’s wishlist page on any store does not state that the game will have a local multiplayer.

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Producers Jun Furutani and Ryo Mito shared game information in an interview with Twitter users SofianLeGEEK and Yekais. Among this information, there was a confirmation that they have not implemented a split screen mode in the game yet. While they want to add the feature to the game, they have run into issues with Sony and Microsoft.

The split screen is unlikely to be in the game on release. It may be added in a future update or DLC, but all signs point to it never being a part of the game.

Why is there no Split Screen?

A split screen game mode requires a console to process a map twice simultaneously. Consoles are often not powerful enough to render two screens at the same time at such a high level. Sparking Blast is a game that has yet to be released and is already boasting brilliant graphics that consoles will have a tough time processing. 

Graphics of such a high level will be extremely taxing for consoles as they already have cooling issues with high-graphic games.

It is likely that Sony and Microsoft do not want to show their consoles lack the power to run the game at its highest graphical setting.
Developers of the game also stated adapting games for the Xbox Series S is particularly difficult.

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Other New Information Released

While split screens may not return for the game, there are still many things to be excited about. Some of the new information is:

  • A brand new story mode
  • Characters from Dragon Ball GT
  • All the Fusion characters
  • Longer fights

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Will Dragon Ball Sparking Zero have Split Screen?
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