Dragon Ball FighterZ: Characters that are Beginner Friendly

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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Characters that are Beginner Friendly

Dragon Ball FighterZ has an extensive roster of characters. We will be looking into some of the best characters that are beginner friendly

Dragon Ball FighterZ (DBFZ) is a complex fighting game that is packed with numerous gameplay mechanics. With a wide range of fighters to choose from, beginners may find themselves struggling to grasp the game's intricate mechanics and tactics. Therefore, this article seeks to provide a comprehensive guide for novice players by highlighting some of the most accessible characters to master and learn the game's mechanics effectively.

Characters that are Beginner Friendly in the Base Game:

FighterZ has numerous characters that are locked behind a paywall. Most new players are not looking forward to buying DLCs from the get go. This section will look into the characters that are in the base game and require no additional purchases.

1. Super Saiyan Goku

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Characters that are Beginner Friendly

Super Saiyan Goku is the poster child of Dragon Ball FighterZ. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that he is one of the easiest characters to master. Additionally, he is the first character you get to play as in the story mode. He takes you through tutorials and the basics of the fighting game.

Players not only get to spend a substantial amount of time with Goku early in the game, but Goku also has easy to learn combos and techniques. Goku has a beam special that allows him to air dash into enemies, which is an element that beginners have to learn early on to be good at the game. He also has super attacks that can track enemies and do a ton of damage to the opponent.

2. Gohan (Teen)

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Characters that are Beginner Friendly

Goku’s son and winner of the Cell Games, Gohan, is also one of the best characters to use early on. He is a character that is also viable later in ranked games when the player is ready to take their game to the next level.

Gohan has a limited amount of special attacks but has a lot of ways in which they can be used. His specials also change in the air, allowing a different mix-up of attacks. Gohan’s specials are also very hard to track, as some of them teleport his enemies throughout the battle arena.

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Gohan also has one of the best auto combos in the game. Beginners can easily mash his medium attack to do a high damage combo that ends in a super attack. Gohan is also one of the only characters in the base game that have a level 5 super attack. The level five Kamehameha can also overcome other level 3 super attacks that would usually cancel out his attack- a fun nod to his ultimate battle with Cell in the anime.

3. Hit

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Characters that are Beginner Friendly

The time-skipping assassin from Universe 6 makes an appearance in this game with all his might. Hit is a character that even Goku had a tough time beating in the anime Dragon Ball Super. He is a formidable fighter who manipulates time to gain the upper hand on his opponents.

Hit’s time skip is what makes him such a threat in the game. He is an unpredictable fighter with many tools to break his opponent’s defense, even at long ranges. All his attacks teleport him to or behind his opponents, which is very difficult to counter. His standing special is a universal counter that can counter almost every attack thrown at him except super attacks. He also has a special that makes him invulnerable, and enemies can pass straight to him, leaving them open for a counterattack.

One of Hit’s scariest attacks is his fully powered forward Super. If the attack is charged up using all 7 bars of meter, he does a devastating punch that has the potential to one-shot enemies.

DLC Characters that are Beginner Friendly:

Once players get used to all the characters in the base game, they might want to up their game and get some DLC characters. With a massive amount of them available, players may wonder who they should get first. This section will show you the most beginner friendly characters to pick up and master.

1. Ultra Instinct Goku

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Characters that are Beginner Friendly

Ultra Instinct (UI) is Goku’s strongest form in the series. He is also one of the strongest characters in DBFZ. Not only is he strong, but he is also one of the easiest to learn characters in the game. UI Goku has a large number of powerful attacks that can blitz his enemies to pieces.

UI Goku plays similarly to Hit in many cases. He has a lot of switch-ups and flips that can easily place him behind the enemy and get ready for an attack. Goku also has a universal counter that allows him to dodge every attack, including supers, when timed correctly. The Godlike Saiyan can also throw incoming enemies into the air and do multiple hits after escaping the enemy.
Goku can also set up traps around his enemies with energy blasts. He also has the potential to combo-lock his opponents and finish them off. He even has one of the fastest super attacks in the game, enabling him to counter most moves.

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2. Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Characters that are Beginner Friendly

Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is one of our top picks as one of the top ten characters in the game. He is also, fortunately, one of the most accessible characters in the game.

Gogeta has multiple attacks that make him extremely strong in the game. He has a great auto combo that players can mash repeatedly. Gogeta has a few niche abilities that allow him to make some unbelievable plays. Gogeta can use one of his specials to gather Dragon Balls, making him the only character who can easily use them in a fight. He can also level up using one of his specials that allow him to super charge his super attack to make them stronger than they already are. These super charged attacks also have unique animations that play when using his Level 3 super that can one-hit knock out enemies.

3. Android 21

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Characters that are Beginner Friendly

Android 21 is one of the most overpowered characters in the game. While she is a little challenging to start with, players can quickly master her once they play with her a few times.

Android 21 has a moveset that can easily take down enemies no matter what direction they come at her from. She can easily counter most enemies using her spin attack and also act as an anti-air. These alone make her a super valuable character to learn. She also has a total of six low attacks that players can use to keep their opponents constantly under pressure. She can also zone her opponents into a corner and obliterate them by controlling the full screen.


Dragon Ball FighterZ is a game that boasts a diverse cast of characters, each with their unique movesets that require different levels of skill to master. While some movesets can be challenging to learn, others are relatively easy to pick up, making them some of the most powerful moves in the game. In light of this, we have ranked the characters with the easiest-to-learn movesets, which will give you an edge in dominating the battlegrounds.

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Characters that are Beginner Friendly
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