How to use Dragon Balls in FighterZ

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How to use Dragon Balls in FighterZ

Dragon Balls are a mechanic that has existed in FighterZ since the game launched. This guide will show you how to use Dragon Balls in FigherZ in the most effective way

Dragon Ball FighterZ included the Dragon Balls as a game mechanic. When they start playing the game, most people do not realize that the wish-granting balls can be used in-game. The Dragon Balls allow players to make one of four wishes, each granting the player a unique perk.

This guide will show you how to use the balls, which characters allow the mechanic to be used the best, and which wishes are the best to choose from.

How to use Dragon Balls in FighterZ

In order to use the Dragon Balls in FighterZ, the player must do two things.

  • Perform an auto combo: The player must mash the light button repeatedly for a seven-hit combo. Once done successfully, the player will gain a Dragon Ball. This has to be repeated seven times in order to gain all seven Dragon Balls.
    The Dragon Balls can be gained by either player performing the combo. The total balls gathered are shared between the two opponents.
  • The player must have 7 bars of meter: When all seven balls are collected, the player with a full meter must perform an auto combo on the enemy one last time to use the Dragon Balls and summon Shenron.
    However, if the player is not careful and the enemy has a full meter and performs an auto combo on them, the opposing player will summon Shenron instead.
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Shenron will grant one wish among four, which will be discussed in a later section.

Which Characters Can Use Shenron the Most Efficiently?

Players often suffer from a common hurdle while trying to summon the Eternal Dragon. The first is not being able to do enough auto combos without killing the opponent. The second is when players have all seven Dragon Balls; they do not have enough bars in their meter to allow the Dragon Balls to be used. The characters we picked out will allow more accessible ways to gain the balls and meter to summon the Dragon. Using all of them in one team composition will significantly improve the viability of using Dragon Balls in-game.

Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta

How to use Dragon Balls in FighterZ

Gogeta has a special move that allows him to gain the Dragon Balls without requiring him to perform an auto combo. The move is called “Pulse Energy of Justice.” The move gives the player a Dragon Ball whether it makes contact with an enemy. The move also does damage if it does hit an opponent. This allows the move to be used on its own or mid-combo to gain the Dragon Balls. The move is done by double tapping the down input followed by the special button. The move can also be done mid-air, which enables further combo options.

Base Goku

How to use Dragon Balls in FighterZ

Base Goku has a Z-assist, which allows you to fill your meter without performing combos or charging ki. The Z-assist B, “Everyone, Lend me your Energy,” fills up one level on the player’s meter every time it is used to one level. Additionally, it charges Goku’s special Spirit Bomb attack. When Goku is switched in, his Spirit Bomb will already be set and deal massive damage.

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Shenron’s Wishes

Shenron provides you with four wishes once summoned. We'll describe each while ranking them below:

4. Make me Immortal

This wish constantly replenishes the player's blue health. While boasting immortality, it's more of a healing item. The wish is very situational and sees little play.

3. Restore My Health

It gives the character that makes the wish for their entire health bar back—a good power but not as valuable as the rest.

2. Bring My Ally Back

The wish brings back the last character lost. This is extremely useful as the player will be able to use a character's assists again, allowing for better combos. The character can also be used in battle, making the team more robust than opponents.

1. Give Me The Ultimate Power

The best wish, according to us, is receiving the ultimate power. This gives the player a second sparkling blast. The Sparkling blast is one of DBFZ’s strongest mechanics, giving a character boost to damage, longer combos, and constant healing.


Using the Dragon Balls is a situational game mechanic that can be used in FighterZ. It can be extremely strong if done right and used well.

How to use Dragon Balls in FighterZ
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