Who is ZywOo? CS2 Player Profile

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Who is ZywOo? CS2 Player Profile

You have heard about ZywOo many times, but you probably don’t know much about the player. Well, this will change after reading our analysis.

Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut is a French CS2 superstar that a lot of people consider one of the best players of all time. Unlike Karrigan, ZywOo CS2 is a part of the new generation of players who did not play CS 1.6 professionally. 

At just 23 years old, ZywOo has won pretty much all of the top-tier tournaments and continues to break records. A lot of people are interested in the ZywOo CS2 settings and learning more information about him, so here is everything you need to know. 

Who is ZywOo CS2? – Career Details

Who is ZywOo? CS2 Player Profile
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ZywOo is a 23-year-old French player who has been a part of the professional scene since 2016. If you take a look at the ZywOo HLTV or elsewhere, you will notice he is an AWPer and a Rifler. The fact that he is extremely good at both roles is one of the reasons why he is among the most explosive players around. 

Needless to say, before playing Counter-Strike 2, ZywOo was a big name in CS:GO. Many people regard him as one of the top professional players since 2018. What’s interesting is that he is among the few CS2 starts that have been consistent with his performance over the years. 

When it comes down to the ZywOo CS2 team, currently, the player is a part of Team Vitality. In fact, he has been playing for one of the top professional Counter-Strike teams in Europe since 2018. This is also where he became a household name in the game.

Besides TV, ZywOo has also played for the likes of dizLown, nevermind, E-Corp Bumpes, WySix  Team, and Against All Authority.

CS2 ZywOo Settings

Considering the effectiveness of this player, it’s no surprise people want to know more about the ZywOo CS2 settings. Our team did everything possible to show you what he is using, so here is what you will find.

  • eDPI – 800
  • DPI – 400
  • Polling Rate – 1000 Hz
  • Sensitivity – 2
  • Zoom – 1
  • Raw Input – On

Since a lot of you also want to know more about the ZywOo crosshair code CS2, here are all of his crosshair settings:

  • Style – 4
  • Size – 1.5
  • Thickness – 0.1
  • Gap – 3
  • Sniper – 1
  • No Dot
  • No Outline
  • Color – 5
  • Alpha – 255

ZywOo CS2 Stats

If you take a look at the ZywOo CS2 stats, you will discover this is one of the most successful players in the world. Team Vitality has been among the best in the last couple of years, which means that this player has achieved a lot.

Here is an overview of some of ZywOo’s biggest achievements so far:

  • BLAST Premier: Fall 2020
  • IEM XVI – Winter
  • ESL Pro League Season 16
  • IEM Rio 2023
  • BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023
  • Gamers8 2023
  • BLAST Premier: Fall Final 2023
  • BLAST Premier: World Final 2023

Besides winning all of these tournaments, CS2 ZywOo has many personal achievements. In fact, he has been ranked the best player in 2019, 2020, and 2023. He also has tons of MVP awards for numerous events he was a part of.


Despite his fragile age, ZywOo is one of the best CS2 players in the world, and many people think he will continue to be among the best. According to sources such as Liquipedia, this player has earned close to $1M so far. Besides that, it is well-known that the ZywOo salary is among the highest in the CS2 community.

Who is ZywOo? CS2 Player Profile
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