What Happens To CSGO Once CS2 Comes Out?

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What Happens To CSGO Once CS2 Comes Out?

As CS2 looms on the horizon, we tried to foresee what’s in store for the current iteration of the game, CSGO

The gaming world is preparing for the arrival of Counter-Strike 2 in Summer 2023, offering a free upgrade to all existing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. As the release of CSGO draws near, however, many have been wondering about the future of CSGO. Can you play the old version whenever you want? What will happen to your old CSGO skins? These are queries we wanted to address in this write-up. 

Can You Play CSGO After CS2 Comes Out? 

What Happens To CSGO Once CS2 Comes Out?

Players taking part in the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test have simultaneous access to both games. It's important to note that each game maintains its distinct matchmaking and player community. Crossplay between the two versions, therefore, is not possible, but players can switch from CS2 to CSGO whenever they want. This particular perk, however, might not be a permanent offering. 

Valve's communication regarding the future of CSGO may be subtly veiled, yet it carries a discernible clarity. Clearly stated on the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test page is the game's impending arrival “this Summer as a free upgrade to CSGO.”

What Happens To CSGO Once CS2 Comes Out?

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This phrasing strongly implies that Counter-Strike 2 is positioned to supersede Counter-Strike: Global Offensive within players' Steam accounts, effectively rendering the current iteration obsolete. As a result, CSGO lovers would likely find themselves compelled to transition to Counter-Strike 2, mirroring the scenario that unfolded among Overwatch players upon the release of Overwatch 2.

As CS2 gets ready to launch for everyone, the process is expected to be seamless. Your current CSGO files on Steam will smoothly transition into the complete set of Counter-Strike 2 files.

Drawing a parallel to Valve's Dota 2 strategy, CS2 could initially function as a launch option, offering players the flexibility to pick their preferred version. Both CS2 and CSGO might coexist as launch options for a limited period before the latter eventually phases out. 

This update could alter the familiar CSGO we cherish, regardless of CS2's enhancements. Unlike when CSGO was introduced, we had Counter-Strike Source and 1.6 to fall back on. This time, such fallback options might not be available – which will undoubtedly frustrate many fans of the game. 

Will CSGO Skins Carry Over to CS2?

In CSGO, skins and cosmetic items hold immense significance, as numerous players have amassed collections valued at hundreds or even thousands of dollars over time. Among the most coveted are knives, weapon skins, and various other items. As the inevitable transition from CSGO to CS2 approaches, a crucial question surfaces: What lies in store for these beloved possessions?

Big-time collectors in CSGO, here's the scoop: no need for fretting. Valve's got your back – all your cherished CSGO items and skins are making the grand leap to CS2. Oh, and there's a bonus – a snazzy little upgrade is coming your items' way.

“Bring your entire CS:GO inventory with you to Counter-Strike 2,” Valve writes on the official CS2 site. “Not only will you keep every item you’ve collected over the years, but they’ll all benefit from Source 2 lighting and materials.”

A bunch of skins are getting a makeover that includes fresh, high-resolution models. Valve's also got a surprise up its sleeve – when CS2 steps into the spotlight, it's bringing along the whole gang, including your cherished “legacy models and finishes.” 

CSGO cosmetic collectors will be very happy to hear this announcement. All their hard work and dedication in curating their enviable collection is set to sparkle even brighter, as Valve takes CSGO to new heights with CS2’s remarkable Source 2 lighting and visuals.

What Happens To CSGO Once CS2 Comes Out?
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