What Happened to Events in Dota 2?

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What Happened to Events in Dota 2?

The lack of special events in Dota 2 have the community missing the good ol' days.

It is that time of the year again! Halloween just came to an end and sadly, we didn’t receive anything special in Dota 2. If you are an old-school Dota 2 player, you probably remember the days when we had Diretide. This event was held two years in a row (2012 and 2013) and it was one of the best custom modes in Dota 2. Unfortunately, it got canceled, causing some severe community backlash. Despite that, it seems like Valve has no intention of bringing it back.

Diretide, 2012

The first version of this awesome event had three stages to it and each lasted for 10 minutes.

The first one was Candy Chaos and the task here was to collect Greevil Taffies. Apart from Roshlings, teams could also “raid” the enemy team in an attempt to steal their candy as well. In the end, the team that has the most candies wins.

After that, the next job ahead of the players is to feed Roshan. He will randomly target and chase them until he receives a candy. Needless to say, it’s a good idea to actually have some in your inventory in order to survive.

The last part of Diretide is called Sugar Rush. This is where things get ugly because Roshan will feed himself too much, which means that you have to team up with the other team in order to fight him.

If you manage to kill Roshan, you will earn different types of rewards. Some of the prizes were very cool, whereas others not so much. That said, there is one that definitely stood out – the “Golden Baby Roshan”. This reward was given to the people who were the first and also the fastest ones to kill Roshan in their server.

As you can imagine, this item was incredibly valuable. Currently, you can buy this item for around $1.8K USD, which is as much as an old car.

The Future of Dota Events

Even though many people think that these events are useless, that’s not really true. The last thing that they show is that the game developers actually care more about the community. For example, Blizzard always adds different things in Overwatch and WoW, depending on the occasion.

We can only hope that Valve will take notes in the future and start hosting events again. After all, they currently have the lowest player-base since 2014, which is a clear sign that something has to change.

What Happened to Events in Dota 2?
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