Western Europe TI 11 Qualifiers – Results

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Western Europe TI 11 Qualifiers – Results

We break down all the action from the Western Europe TI 11 Qualifiers.

After watching SEA, Eastern Europe, China, South America, and North America, it was time for the ultimate TI 11 qualifiers — the ones in Western Europe. Since this is the best region in the world, there were a couple of teams that everyone wanted to look at.

Starting with Team Secret, Puppey’s squad was one of the big favorites to secure the last spot. Of course, this was not going to be easy because the team had to go up against the likes of Team Liquid, Entity, Nigma Galaxy, and a couple of other names.

As expected, the qualifiers were brutal because every single team wanted to get the last spot for The International 11. However, only one of them succeeded, so let’s take a look at what happened.

Upper Bracket

The Upper Bracket in Western Europe looked extremely interesting because pretty much all teams were terrific. The first match was between Team Liquid and DGG Esports, and as expected, MATU and the rest didn’t have problems against their opponents.

Up next, we had the chance to watch Nigma Galaxy in action versus none other than goonsquad. Experts predicted that Miracle- and his teammates would win, but s4 and the rest were better. As a result, the Swedish powerhouse won the match and sent one of the favorites to the Lower Bracket.

Speaking of favorites, Team Secret also had a rough time against Into The Breach, but the team eventually won. It wasn’t easy because Puppey and the rest also had a three-game series, but their experience and better draft showed their prowess.

Finally, we had the one-sided series between Alliance and Entity. As expected, the latter had hardly any problems and advanced to the Semifinals, where they had to meet Team Secret.

UB Semifinals

The Semifinals were as interesting as the R1, but the stakes were higher this time. After winning their first matches, Liquid and goonsquad had to go up against each other and decide which team would receive a slot for the UB final.

To be honest, we expected a more back-and-forth series because both teams are great. However, Liquid was better in the match, especially in game one. The team dominated on both maps and had no problems sending their opponents to the Lower Bracket. 

The second semifinal was the more interesting one because Team Secret and Entity were among the main favorites. These two met numerous times in the last year, and Entity was on top most of the time. It seems like this trend continues because Pure and the rest were victorious.

This victory wasn’t easy, and Secret didn’t go down without a fight, at least in game one. However, despite LC and Enigma, the team was crushed on the second map. Secret couldn’t live up to the expectations and was sent to the lower bracket.

Lower Bracket – R1, R2 & R3

The lower bracket in Western Europe was a bloodbath, to say the least. Every loss here was fatal because a given team loses its chances of qualifying for The International.

R1 here was interesting mainly because of two teams — Nigma Galaxy and Alliance. They found their way here after failing to defeat their opponents in the Upper Bracket. Speaking of beating someone, NGX almost lost again, but the team made a comeback and defeated Brame.

Sadly, Alliance wasn't so lucky because Nikobaby and the rest couldn’t deal with Team bald Reborn/ The latter looked more motivated than ever and eliminated their opponents from the qualifiers.

As Rounds 2 and 3 came, we had the chance to watch several epic matches. Nigma Galaxy defeated DGG Esports in R2, but the team failed to overcome their biggest challenge yet in the face of Team Secret. This was probably one of the most interesting yet heartbreaking matches to watch because the two big favorites had to go up against each other.

Team Secret took the lead in the match after winning game one, but NGX bounced back in the second map. Both were around 50 minutes long, which meant that neither one wanted to give up. Unfortunately, Nigma was out picked in the last game of the series, which allowed Secret to get a perfect lead. The team’s Slark didn’t let Spectre become too big to deal with and Secret eliminated their enemies.

After the game, Nigma’s team grouped up and hugged each other, which was touching, to say the least.

As for the second series, ITB managed to defeat goonsquad and secured themselves the chance to shine against Secret in the semifinals.

Upper Bracket Final and LB Semifinals

The final in the Upper put together Team Liquid and Entity. These two met on numerous occasions, but Entity always had a slight lead. This series was no different because Entity was better in both matches.

The second one was close mainly because Entity relied on Pudge as their carry. Even though the hero is not that good against Slark, Entity’s other four heroes helped him, and the team won.

In terms of the Lower Bracket, Team Secret and Into The Breach played an intriguing three-game series. Although ITB exceeded expectations, the team was unable to defeat the powerful Team Secret. This gave Puppey and the rest the chance to play in the LB Grand Final.

LB Final 

Secret’s victory against ITB was impressive, but the team had a mountain to climb because it had to go against none other than Team Liquid.

The two big EU powerhouses played a three-game series that offered us everything we could want. The first match between them was probably the most interesting to watch because it lasted for 70 minutes. Although Secret did everything in their power, Liquid was the better team and secured the victory.

Fortunately, Secret bounced back in the second game of the match and pushed the series into game three. Speaking of the devil, the third match was also incredibly fun to watch as both teams used some of their best heroes. 

MATU’s Lone Druid had the hard task of carrying his team, but this wasn’t easy because he had to go up against Morphling and MK. Although Team Liquid did everything in their power and even had the lead in terms of kills, Secret won several big fights that allowed them to gain the lead. This was enough to be in the driving seat and eventually win the match.

The Grand Final

People expected Team Secret to do everything it could to take revenge after losing against Entity earlier in the event. However, it seems like the team was exhausted, which reflects on its performance.

Entity was clearly the better team and the one that wanted to win more. Hence, the first two games were like a walk in the park as Tobi and the rest dominated. Secret had almost no chances of winning, which is why the team didn’t feel that motivated for the third match up.

Entity got the chance to play their signature Visage and Shadow Fiend, two heroes that helped them a lot throughout the qualifiers. SF had a pretty good game and was one of the main reasons why his team won. Although Secret tried dealing with him, it was not enough to stop him.

In the end, Entity won this match, which allowed them to secure the last spot for The International. As for Team Secret, the club will have to compete in the Last Chance qualifiers.

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Western Europe TI 11 Qualifiers – Results
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