“We Really Like It”: Tundra Head Coach Talks Patch 7.33

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“We Really Like It”: Tundra Head Coach Talks Patch 7.33

Tundra head coach Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling discussed the new patch alongside a host of other topics following his team’s victory against Xtreme Gaming 

Following an underwhelming 9-12th finish in the Lima Major, Tundra made a stunning comeback by maintaining their lead in Division 1 of Western Europe DPC and winning DreamLeague Season 19.

The possibility of Tundra experiencing another disappointing exit, as they did in Peru, had some fans worried. However, those fears were put to rest as the team showed up in a big way during the group stage. It's clear that they're determined to leave their mark on the competition and make a strong push for the title. With a remarkable record of 14-2 across eight best-of-two matches, Tundra secured the top spot in Group B and punched their ticket to the main event's upper bracket with ease.

It's still early days, and there's a long road ahead, but the defending TI champions can take comfort in the fact that things have gone pretty smoothly so far. 

After Tundra's impressive win over Xtreme Gaming in the group stage, head coach Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling took the time to chat with Ted “Pyrion” Forsyth in a post-match interview at the Berlin Major.

He started off by pointing out how much his team is enjoying the new patch. 

“I think, just in general, this patch has so much new stuff you can do. All of the games are super fresh and exciting.”

Aui_2000 then talked about Omni mid, which has undergone one of the biggest power upgrades in the new patch. Is that why they picked it? 

“To be honest, when there’s a new patch, I feel you can come up with some stuff, but generally, you just steal stuff. Mikoto [Rafli Fathur Rahman of Talon Esports] played Omni mid this tournament already so we watched that game and he looked pretty good. There’s also a young mid in EU called Malr1ne [Stanislav Potorak of Nemiga Gaming]. He has 20 games with Omniknight games on ProTracker and he’s winning almost all his games. The hero seems pretty good against Ember so we picked it.”

He then revealed his team’s Underlord pick strategy. Many teams have faced problems in the new patch with their Underlord picks. How did Tundra go about it? 

“For sure, there was some clown stuff happening. We portal in, he portals out, we portaled back at him, then there’s a five-man Disruptor ulti—I don’t know what’s happening but the hero seems good obviously.”

Teams are having a tough time trying to adapt to the new changes during a Major competition. How are Tundra dealing with the situation? 

“I think we really like it. I don’t know if you could find a pro who says they don’t really like it or that sort of stuff. With the last [set of] patches, even before 7.32, I feel they were pretty well balanced but they were very similar and these shakeups in Dota are what makes it insane, so I think everyone’s really enjoying it.”


“We Really Like It”: Tundra Head Coach Talks Patch 7.33
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