We’ll Finally Get to See T1’s New Dota 2 Roster In Action at VKGames

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We’ll Finally Get to See T1’s New Dota 2 Roster In Action at VKGames

One of the world's largest esports organization has made the move to Dota 2.

A couple of weeks ago, T1, one of the most storied esports organizations in the world, T1, announced that they would soon field a roster in the Dota 2 scene. Finally, a couple of weeks later, fans will now get the opportunity to see the brand-new roster in action.

T1 Makes Their Debut at the VKGAMES Battle of Dawn

T1, alongside several Chinese and SEA teams, will take part in the VKGAME Battle of Dawn. Here, twelve teams will fight for a $70k USD prize pool. Even though VKGAMES Battle of Dawn does not count for this season's DPC, that hasn't stopped many top Dota 2 teams like CDEC, EHOME and NewBee from attending.

As of today, T1’s all-Korean lineup from 1 to 5 is as follows:

– Pyo “MP” No-a

– James “XemistrY” Lee

– Lee “Forev” Sang-don

–  “snOw

–  “Grace

Needless to say, both Sang-don and Forev and No-a are clearly the most famous players on this new T1 roster. In fact, these two used to play together three years ago for MVP Phoenix. After Phoenix failed to make significant waves in the Dota 2 scene over the course of a few months, the roster went its separate ways. Interestingly, MVP Phoenix also happened to be the last time that South Korea had a competitive Dota 2 team made up entirely of South Jordans. Finally, much to the relief of Korean Dota 2 fans, T1’s ambitions are to revive the Korean Dota 2 scene once more.

Even though T1 is most famous for its Starcraft and League of Legends teams, the organization definitely has the needed resources to support a Dota 2 team in addition to their other franchises. While no one has seen T1's new roster hit the server yet, it's not a stretch to say that both fans and analysts are itching to watch these players hit the ground running.

If you want to learn more about the VKGAME Battle of Dawn, be sure to click HERE.

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We’ll Finally Get to See T1’s New Dota 2 Roster In Action at VKGames
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