Washington Justice Not Opting For A Roster Rebuild In 2022

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Washington Justice Not Opting For A Roster Rebuild In 2022

Dedication to the potential.

The Washington Justice has dropped Overwatch League 2018 Champion Won-sik “Closer” Jung along with DPS backup Ho-sung “TTuba” Lee and Assistant Coach Ho-cheol “Hocury” Lee. However, they're keeping the rest of the roster intact for Overwatch 2.

Closer has already taken to social media to announce what is most likely the end of his journey in the Overwatch League. He, like many other league veterans, will be leaving to serve in the South Korean military for his mandatory service. He’s a legend, and everybody wishes him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

TTuba did not get to shine this year with the Justice, though he did see more playtime than many thought he would, filling the role of Brigitte specialist and playing through the middle of the year. However, we’ve seen this play in action before and it’s possible that another team will be building for an Overwatch 2 style that requires his Flex DPS prowess. Hocury will almost certainly find a place somewhere in the league, having experience as both a coach and manager between the Seoul Dynasty and Washington Justice. Being in the league since the start of the first season has its perks, and he’s got the knowledge as well as the connections to continue an Overwatch League career.

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Working with the pieces they have

The Washington Justice are very fortunate to have the talent and sponsorship to sustain a potentially killer team and provide them with resources for improvement. With their recent hire of Seung-min “Tydolla” Kim, they plan to work on each player as an individual to improve their skills in-game and turn them into what people expected from them since the 2020 preseason. It’s not often teams with high potential and low results has a majority re-signing of players to try their hand again. There are high hopes for this to go well to encourage a trend of roster edits between seasons rather than full roster resets, so let’s see what Washington can do with the new resources they gain.

Washington Justice Not Opting For A Roster Rebuild In 2022
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