Overwatch League: Tydolla Leaves The Gladiators For The Justice

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Overwatch League: Tydolla Leaves The Gladiators For The Justice

The first move of the offseason.

Many players and coaches have been dropped by or parted ways with their teams the last week. Finally though, we have some good news. It comes from the 2020 Summer Showdown and 2021 Countdown Cup champion coach Sueng-min “Tydolla” Jung.

Tydolla formerly played the role of Assistant Coach for the Guangzhou Charge and LA Gladiators. Now, he makes his way to the American East Coast, straight into its Capital City. The Justice cites his aggressive style as being something they value in him, meaning that next season we may get the Washington Justice we were promised for 2021. They also cite his talent for working with players on individual improvement. This is something the Justice desperately needs based on their 2021 season. Their only successes came when they were playing fluidly in synchronization together. They rarely ever succeeded in moments where individual players only would shine.


Though coaches do not get signed, but rather hired, it is still exciting to see a new team member finally being named in the off-season. The real mayhem will start on Friday, October 9 when the transfer window opens up and teams push their deals through with each other to begin building their first Overwatch 2 rosters.