Warcraft Rumble Season 3 – What We Know

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Warcraft Rumble Season 3 – What We Know

Warcraft Rumble Season 3 is just around the corner. Here is what we know and the things we expect to see.

UPDATE: New Leader confirmed

There’s no arguing that Warcraft Rumble was one of the most successful mobile games of 2023. With that said, a lot of players have already taken down Onyxia, meaning fans are eager to see what they’ll get in Warcraft Rumble Season 3. By the looks of it, this will be the most interesting one yet, so let’s dive into our Warcraft Rumble Season 3 analysis and learn more.

Warcraft Rumble Season 3 Release Date

The first and most important thing you need to know about the latest Warcraft Rumble Season 3 is the release date. Unless Blizzard changes something, we should see the most recent update on January 21, 2024. In other words, it will be available two weeks from now.

While it is true that Blizzard likes to surprise us, we do not expect Warcraft Rumble Season 3 sooner than this date. As for the things you can choose from, here is what we know.

Warcraft Rumble Season 3 Predictions – New Leader

If the rumors are true, one of the new things we expect to see in Warcraft Rumble Season 3 is the arrival of the first new leader. His name is Emperor Thaurissan, and his arrival means that each faction will now have 3 leaders. Previously, Blackrock was the only faction that had two leaders, but this is no longer the case. 

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While we do know the name of the new leader in Warcraft Rumble Season 3, we do not have any information about his abilities or talents. With that said people who have paid attention to BlizzCon expect him to have a lot of armor and be similar to Tyrion in this regard. As for his attack, players also expect him to be melee and have an ability called Lava Spike, which should do AoE damage. Of course, we are yet to see if these rumors will turn out to be true.

An important thing to mention about this leader is that he is present in the Blackrock Mountain campaign of Warcraft Rumble. In case you have forgotten, this mission allied players to play in a single lane, and once 3 minis die, the enemy will spawn a mini of his own. This boss also used a lot of Dark Iron Miners and relied on having a lot of gold.

Other Changes in Warcraft Rumble Season 3

Aside from the addition of the new leader, our Warcraft Rumble Season 3 review shows that we should also get the Judgement Tower skin. According to what we know, this will become available via the War Chest. Speaking of the chest, another thing we expect to see from it is a new emote.

Players who like PVP will also not be forgotten because the PVP ladder should give a new emote. This will allow those who’ve spent a lot of time playing against others to have a way to show off when they are not playing PVP. We would not be surprised if Blizzard decides to add titles in the future similar to what it is like in World of Warcraft.

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New Zone – Winterspring

Even though there were rumors about Molten Core, it seems like Warcraft Rumble Season 3 will give us access to a different zone. Considering it is January and it's in the middle of winter, Blizzard will allows you to explore Winterspring. According to the news, we will have both Icy Terrain and Fiery Battles.

Rumour – Molten Core

Warcraft Rumble Season 3 - What We Know
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Is Molten Core coming in Warcraft Rumble Season 3 is a question that many people ask, especially on platforms like Reddit. Considering the arrival of the new Warcraft Rumble leader, it seems that Molten Core will also be here, but we do not have any confirmation about it yet.

Blizzard is most likely keeping track of the current campaign and people’s progress, so we may see this event later. Molten Core will definitely be an amazing event because it should have co-op wings, and people who complete the raid should be able to get Ragnaros himself as a leader. On top of that, this raid should also give Valor a new type of currency that will allow people to upgrade their slots from Gold to Platinum.


It is worth knowing that Molten Core is not the only new content that Blizzard has talked about. Those paying attention probably remember that the company talked about adding things, such as the Moonglade zone, Scholomance, new cosmetic items, and more. Of course, we do not expect to see all of those things in Warcraft Rumble Season 3, but they are planned for the future. 

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