Warcraft Rumble Onyxia Guide – How To Defeat The Final Boss

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Warcraft Rumble Onyxia Guide – How To Defeat The Final Boss

This Warcraft Rumble Onyxia guide will show you how to bring down one of the biggest challenges in our favorite game.

So, you’ve completed many tasks in Warcraft Rumble, and you think it is finally time to take down Onyxia? That’s great, but it is important to know that this encounter is easier said than done. Therefore, this Warcraft Rumble Onyxia guide will show you exactly what you should do to succeed. 

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Warcraft Rumble Onyxia Guide – Basics

Preparing for the Warcraft Rumble Onyxia lair is easier said than done. At the time of writing, this is the endgame boss, which means the fight is not easy. Thankfully, this guide will walk you through each phase and show you what you must be aware of.

Before we dive into the Warcraft Rumble Onyxia guide, we want to point out that there are numerous ways you can defeat this boss. We’ve achieved it several times, which allows us to show you the easiest and fastest way. Moreover, you can be a few levels below hers and still win the encounter, so let’s dive in.

Warcraft Rumble Onyxia Deck

The first thing thing you should focus on when you decide to take this boss is your build. In case you are not aware, this boss mainly deals elemental damage. What’s more, this fight is characterized by having a lot of different flying units, which is another thing to keep in mind.

When playing against Onyxia Warcraft Rumble, you will face the following enemies:

  • Gargoyle
  • Whelp Eggs
  • Skeletons
  • Drake
  • Spiderlings
  • Earth Elemental
  • Warsong Grunts
  • Gryphon Rider
  • Necromancer
  • Dragonspawn Warders

Warcraft Rumble Onyxia Build

After covering the minis you will have to go up against, the next important thing we need to include in this Warcraft Rumble Onyxia Guide is the build you have to go for. You can go for many different options, so let’s review some of them.

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Rend Blachand

Warcraft Rumble Onyxia Guide
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One of the best leaders you can have to secure a Warcraft Rumble Onyxia kill is Rend Blackhand. The idea of getting this leader in the fight against Onyxia is because of his abilit to deal with  Whelp Eggs. Also, the leader’s ability related to his cost reduction also makes him an excellent pick against the Onyxia fight.

The fact that the fight takes a long time allows you to take full advantage of the reduced cost of flying units. Also, he is pretty tanky, making him a solid pick.

It is also worth knowing that Rend Blackhand is not flying that fast, which is usually a con. However, in this case, it is a plus as it allows the hero to stay closer to your towers. Needless to say, Rend also deals a lot of elemental damage while flying.

If you take a look at the Warcraft Runble Onyxia Reddit, you will find that the following units are good alongside Rend:

  • Whelp Eggs
  • Drake
  • Harpies
  • Quilboar
  • Defias Bandits
  • Meat Wagon

The Whelp Eggs and Drake are incredibly important units to have.  Since both have a “discount” when using Rend, it means you can use them a lot more. The Drake specifically works very well against Whelp Eggs that are stacked together, as well as against the Earth Elementals.

Harpies are also good because they are another flying unit. Defias Bandits are a must because you have 2 chests that you need to get. Those units are also good when defending your towers.

Qulboar is one of the most impressive Warcraft Rumble Onyxia mini you can have because he is incredibly cost-efficient. What’s more, this tank has a special trait that reduces the elemental damage it takes by 50%. Considering this is the primary damage dealt by Oynxia, it’s no surprise he is the best tank you can have in your lineup.

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As for the Meat Wagon, this is used to attack Onyxia. Because of the massive range, the Meat Wagon can attack the boss even when it is outside of its range, which is really good.

Warcraft Rumble Onyxia Fight – Breakdown

In order to claim your Warcraft Rumble Onyxia reward, you need to know what to expect in the fight. It is worth knowing that the fight can be chaotic, so feel free to pause and look at everything that happening. 

As mentioned, the fight has 3 phases and this Warcraft Rumble Onyxia guide will show you all of them.

Phase 1 

One of the first things you will see once you start is that Onyxia will start summoning loads of Whelp Eggs on the right and left lanes. These eggs will be “chilling” for around 30 seconds, after which they will hatch and begin their quest towards your base. Needless to say, this means that you need to deal with them.

Phase 2

The second phase of the Warcraft Rumble Onyxia guide is related to Earth Elementals. After you see the Warcraft Rumble Onyxia spell, she will summon 4 Earth Elementals, and she will keep summoning those things alongside the eggs. This is why you need Rend, the Drake, and the Whelp Eggs – they are excellent against those units.

Phase 3

Once you reach the final phase, you will need to deal with two Dragonspawn Warders. These units are very strong and deal tons of damage, but if you play your cards right, you should be able to win the encounter. 


There are tons of things we can say in this Warcraft Rumble Onyxia guide, but it will be too long. A lot of people have already taken down the boss, so you can also watch plenty of guides about the fight. Generally speaking, Onyxia is a hard match, but people who know what they are doing should be able to defeat it.

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