Vitality Opens By Knocking Evil Geniuses To Lower Brackets

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Vitality Opens By Knocking Evil Geniuses To Lower Brackets

Evil Geniuses suffered a crushing defeat in the opening match of the BLAST Premier Fall Groups, as Vitality emerged victorious with a dominant 2-0 win

Evil Geniuses faced an uphill battle against Vitality, who showcased their superiority with a one-sided performance across two maps. In the first map, Overpass, the European team asserted their dominance with a resounding 16-6 victory. They continued their relentless assault on Vertigo, shutting down Evil Geniuses with a commanding 16-3 win, ensuring that the North American team's round total remained under ten for the entire series.

The series appeared to be a breeze for Vitality, with Dan “apEX” Madesclaire effortlessly guiding his players to success. Prior to the match, the French captain expressed his admiration for newcomer Shahar “flameZ” Shushan, highlighting his positive qualities as both a player and a person. Madesclaire emphasized the potential for growth and development within the team, stating that flameZ has much to learn from his experienced teammates and the coaching staff.

In his debut series with Vitality, flameZ demonstrated his impact on the B site of Overpass, maintaining control and going undefeated throughout the first map. Although Emil “Magisk” Reif led the charge with 22 kills by halftime, flameZ's flawless performance contributed significantly to Vitality's early 10-0 lead.

Evil Geniuses managed a minor resurgence on the CT side, securing five out of the seven rounds played, but ultimately fell short with a 6-16 defeat on their chosen map.

Vitality Opens By Knocking Evil Geniuses To Lower Brackets
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