Viperio Replaces MMS and Gizmy In Hopes to End their Loss Streak

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Viperio Replaces MMS and Gizmy In Hopes to End their Loss Streak

The British team decides to change things up coming from a 17-match losing streak 

Viperio has announced the departure of  Jack “⁠Gizmy⁠” von Spreckelsen and Marco “⁠MMS⁠” Salomone from the team. Kirk “⁠Tadpole⁠” Stephens and previously benched player Javier “⁠Ping⁠” Griffiths will be picking up these two empty spots.

The UK squad last enjoyed victory over a month ago in CCT West Europe Series 2. Even though they qualified for the European RMR of BLAST Paris Major, the roster couldn’t get a single win under their name. Eventually, they were out of the event after losing three games consecutively. 

Viperio has been struggling in other tournaments as well, continuing their losing streak throughout CCT Central Europe Series 5, ESL Challengers Leagues Season 44 and more. Currently, they are on a 17-match losing streak, and the team is desperate to end this curse.

Their new addition, ⁠Tadpole⁠, was an ex-Dripmen player who carried the flags for Into the Breach before. On the other hand, Ping is coming back to the roster after being benched in January. They will be playing for Viperio’s win next Wednesday, facing Copenhagen Flames.

Currently, Viperio is going through the Swiss group stage of CCT Central Europe Series 6. Losing their next match means that the UK roster will be eliminated from yet another event. 

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This is how the team looks going into this matchup:

  • Tom “⁠arTisT⁠” Clarke
  • Javier “⁠Ping⁠” Griffiths
  • Matas “⁠Extinct⁠” Strumila
  • Kirk “⁠Tadpole⁠” Stephens
  • Callum “⁠Girafffe⁠” Jones 
  • Ciaran “⁠biscu⁠” King (coach)