VCT NA LCQ Day 3 Recap

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VCT NA LCQ Day 3 Recap

Day 3 saw the first team of the VCT NA LCQ sent home packing. Things are heating up. 

VCT NA LCQ: The Guard vs. Cloud9

The first match of the day pitted The Guard up against Cloud9. Both teams came off solid wins, with The Guard upsetting the Sentinels and Cloud9 sweeping Shopify Rebellion 2-0. 

Cloud9 got off to a rough start. The Guard went up 5-1 before Cloud9 rallied with six consecutive round wins to end the first half up 7-5 with Vanity leading the charge. 

Xeppaa had a great 4K early into the second half, but things quickly fell apart. Despite Fracture being Cloud9's map pick, The Guard was outplaying them with everyone on the team putting in work, but especially neT and valyn. Cloud9 ended up only winning two rounds in the second half, with The Guard taking the map 13-9. Onto Ascent. 

Ascent is a very strong map for The Guard, with trent in particular especially thriving on B site. The Guard excelled in the first half, though Cloud9 was putting up a good fight with leaf switching from Fade to Neon and performing significantly better than he did on Fracture. Unfortunately, curry's switch to Fade did not work in his favor, and his very lackluster performance dragged C9 down heavily leading into the second half. 7-5 The Guard. 

Cloud9's second-half performance was commendable, with The Guard's retakes falling off late game. The first part of the second half was a great back-and-forth. Saya had a beautiful 3K in round 16, and trent got himself another 4K in round 18. A clutch 3K by leaf tied the game up 10-10 in round 20. 

While relatively quiet for most of the series, a preemptive ult by JonahP forced a retreat by Cloud9 and helped TheGuard get a successful defuse. With match point and tournament elimination creeping up on Cloud9, the pressure was on. 

Pressure or not, leaf rose to the occasion with a double in round 22 to keep C9's dreams alive despite their low eco and armor. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, it wouldn't be enough. Back-to-back wins and a one-two punch by neT and Saya gave The Guard the map 13-11 and a 2-0 series victory. The radio silence of curry really held C9 back in what could've at least been a match forced into a map 3. 

VCT NA LCQ : Sentinels vs. Shopify Rebellion

It's the match everyone was waiting for: Sentinels vs. Shopify Rebellion. The debut of Shroud and Zellsis ended in a disappointing loss to The Guard. Shroud himself posted the worst stat line of the team, with Sentinels' plants in Icebox really lagging. Sentinels have already been having a rough 2022. With a loss here, the NA fan favorites would end 2022 with arguably their worst-ever season. With bdog coming off a great performance against Cloud9, would Sentinels pull off the comeback?

The match started off on Breeze. The moose got loose early with a 3K and a solid Shroud takedown and successful defuse in round 4. But Shroud isn't one to not respond. Shroud got a 3K of his own in round 5 and a 1v2 in round 7. Mr. Shroudy was getting rowdy. 

Despite Shroud's excellent start, moose and bdog weren't making it easy for the Sentinels. Zellsis also had a relatively quiet first map. The first half ended with SR up 7-5. 

The Sentinels took over in the second half. SR had very poor spike plants on the first map. TiGG wasn't at the top of his game, and mada was having a horrible showing with a 5-18-3 Yoru. SR knabbed a lone round in the second half, and Sentinels got the first map 13-8.

The second map took the teams to Fracture, with both teams making notable agent switches. Zellsis and mada both switched to Neon, with the Zellsis switch being a shock as he's always been a Kayo main. 

Both switches paid off big time for both teams, with mada coming to life early on the second map. Shopify Rebellion performed much better, with mada, moose, and bdog playing very well. A moose 3K with an assist from TiGG set up a six-round rally with six consecutive successful spike plants. 7-5 SR at the half. 

The Sentinels turned the match around in the second half with a five-round rally and five spike plants in a row. Zellsis went absolutely mad with 12 first kills on the map. 

Sentinels set up match point in round 20, but a 4K by mada in round 21 kept SR's dreams alive. A four-round rally by SR forced the match into overtime. 

A showdown between TiGG and TenZ ended up with TiGG on top and SR finding themselves on the winning end of match point. Sentinels fought them off in round 26 before SR set up match point again in round 27. However, this is where things started to fall for SR. 

While bdog still had a good overall performance, Sentinels had his number in OT with bdog being the first SR player out of the game four times in a row. Even though mada and moose were showing up, the consistent early loss of bdog would be what kills SR's chances. 

SR staved off match point in round 30 with a 4K by moose, but Sentinels would take the next two rounds with a Zellsis 3K and ShahZaM double to shut out Shopify Rebellion 2-0. Zellsis had an excellent 30-bomb in Fracture and Shroud's Brimstone was rock-solid with some well-timed Orbital Strikes. Sentinels aren't done yet. 

VCT NA LCQ Who's Up Next

FaZe Clan takes on 100 Thieves in the Upper Semifinals and Evil Geniuses will face off against NRG to determine the second team going home. The action starts at 4 PM EDT on August 7.  


VCT NA LCQ Day 3 Recap
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