VCT EMEA Top 5 Selling Team Capsules Revealed

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VCT EMEA Top 5 Selling Team Capsules Revealed

The VCT EMEA Team Capsules have been a great addition to the game, and we now how the data on what team sold the most.

The VCT Team capsules feature a list of team-themed cosmetics and in-game goodies, which include a classic skin, and AR inspects featuring Team logos and colors a kill banner, muzzle flash, a team-exclusive player card, along with a gun buddy and a spray.

EMEA Top 5 Selling Team Capsules

The FNATIC capsule is the top-selling skin so far from the EMEA region, as the team is the crowning champion of last year's (2023) VCT Lock In tournament.

On the other hand, Gentle Nates team capsule finishes off with a close second, while Karmine Corps and KOI rank third and 4th respectively in the top 5 best-selling skins board. NAVI finishes off with the 5th place. Here are the top 5 best-selling VCT Team capsules in order from high to low.

Team Capsules

These capsules are available to purchase from the in-game Esports store throughout the VCT 2024 esports season. It is never too late to support your favorite team by purchasing its team capsule. The VCT capsules continue to support efforts of providing a more sustainable future for the VALORANT esports ecosystem and the teams within it, whilst also allowing fans to combine their love for the game. Valorant fans can tune in to the Karmine Corp vs GIANTX match today as it will be live-streamed at 8.30 PM IST.

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