VCT Champions 2024 Host City Announced

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VCT Champions 2024 Host City Announced

Riot has named Seoul as the VCT Champions 2024 host

Riot Games has announced that Seaul is set to take the torch from Los Angeles and serve as the VCT Champions 2024 host city. The tournament will take place from August 1 to 24 in the South Korean capital at an yet-to-be-disclosed venue.

Seoul Announced as the VCT Champions 2024 Host City

“It's my pleasure to officially announce that Champions 2024 will be held here in Seoul, South Korea, from 1st to 24th August,”Jake Sin, Head of VALORANT Esports APAC, broke the news during the opening of the VCT Pacific Kickoff opening.

“We think about our fans first, and we always want to deliver a world-class esports experience for our community everywhere, and we believe we have to go meet our fans wherever they are,” he continued.

VCT Champions 2024 Host City Announced

Credit: Jake Sin on X

Being hailed as one of the esports hubs globally, South Korea has been the chosen destination for numerous significant esports tournaments across diverse gaming titles. Among these, the 2023 World Championships of League of Legends, another Riot favorite, stands out. The city’s incredible infrastructure makes it ideal for hosting large-scale international Esports events.

For the first time since its inception in 2021, the prestigious Champions event of VALORANT will grace the Asia Pacific shores. Los Angeles was the venue for VALORANT Champions in the previous year, with Berlin taking the helm in 2022. Istanbul, Turkey, was the host of the inaugural event in 2021.

Seoul has a rich history of hosting offline VALORANT events. For the past year, the city has been the heart of the VCT Pacific league, where Asia-Pacific's rising stars battle for glory. With the number of teams rising to 11 this year from the original ten in 2023, the city's allure continues to grow, drawing in even more players.

The VCT Champions Seoul will have 16 teams from the four International Leagues. Each league will send four teams. Three teams will qualify through the top three finishes in the Stage 2 Playoffs, and the fourth team will earn a spot based on their accumulated Championship Points during the season.

VCT Champions 2024 Host City Announced
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