VCT 2024: Riot Reveals Ambitious and Exciting Schedule

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VCT 2024: Riot Reveals Ambitious and Exciting Schedule

The VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) has revealed its comprehensive blueprint and schedules for the upcoming 2024 season, aiming to elevate the sport in its fourth year

The VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) has revealed its ambitious plans for the 2024 esports season. With a focus on setting new standards and reshaping competition, the VCT is preparing for an exciting year ahead. The upcoming year will bring an innovative international league, extended developmental circuits, and new global event locations. Leo Faria, the Global Head of VALORANT Esports, expressed excitement: “We're proud of our accomplishments this year and are eager to bring more opportunities in 2024 to showcase excellence in the game.”

A Fresh Beginning With VCT 2024

The 2024 VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) season is all set for a lively beginning. A unique two-week tournament will launch within each International League, spurring intense competition and capturing fans' attention immediately. After the excitement settles, the top eight teams will stand out, ready to make their mark at the season's first global event – Masters Madrid. The historic showdown will unfold in Spain, where the year's best team will be crowned.

VCT 2024: Riot Reveals Ambitious and Exciting Schedule

As the VCT 2024 season kicks off, a fresh breeze of innovation sweeps across the competitive scene. A dynamic two-week tournament extravaganza takes place within each International League, acting as an exhilarating launchpad. This clever twist adds anticipation to the competitive atmosphere, engaging fans worldwide. From these battles, only the strongest eight teams will emerge, poised to make their mark at the pinnacle event of the season – Masters Madrid. This historic gathering signifies a global milestone and a crucial moment for teams aspiring to etch their legacy in the world of VALORANT esports.

VCT 2024: Riot Reveals Ambitious and Exciting Schedule

Elevating Challengers for VCT 2024

At the core of nurturing future esports stars, Challengers is set to undergo transformation in the 2024 season. Expanding its footprint, Challengers will thrive throughout the year, fostering continuous competition within tier 2 levels. To bolster this expansion, a unique team affiliation and player loan system will be introduced. This innovative mechanism aims to facilitate seamless player transitions across International Leagues, Challengers, and Game Changers, reinforcing the interconnectivity of the esports ecosystem. VALORANT's Premier mode will serve as the gateway for players stepping into the VCT, streamlining the pathway to the professional stage.

Fostering Emerging Challengers

In the 2024 VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) season, a significant shift in competition is evident as an impressive influx of top-tier teams takes center stage. The Guard, Gentle Mates, and Bleed Esports, having conquered the challenges of Challengers through intense battles, have secured their positions in the International Leagues. This trio's triumph marks a thrilling transformation, as they embark on a two-year global journey, redefining the landscape of high-level competition.

The emergence of these 3 dynamic teams is a testament to the fierce competition within the Challengers circuit. These teams have fought their way to the top, showcasing their strategic prowess, teamwork, and individual skills. As they transition from the battlegrounds of Challengers to the grand stage of the International Leagues, they bring with them a renewed sense of determination and a hunger for success.

Their journey is not just a personal triumph but also a reflection of the evolving landscape of competitive esports. The 2024 VCT season sees these emerging forces as catalysts for change, injecting fresh energy and excitement into the ecosystem. Their presence raises the bar for competition, inspiring other aspiring teams to rise to the occasion. As the teams embark on their two-year global journey, they carry the hopes and expectations of fans and enthusiasts, ready to leave an indelible mark on the world of VALORANT.

Introducing Championship Points

The 2024 season introduces a strategic transformation through the implementation of Championship Points, a comprehensive metric that stretches across International Leagues and Global Tournaments. Serving as a performance benchmark, Championship Points intricately shape the path to qualification for prestigious global events. This significant shift redefines teams' strategies and injects their journey with heightened passion, dedication, and aspirations, providing a clear measure of advancement and amplifying excitement throughout the year.

Welcoming China: A New Era Begins

In a big step to reach more places, the VCT warmly welcomes China as the fourth official league, joining the Americas, EMEA, and Pacific leagues. This shows how esports can connect people all around the world. The focus is now on Shanghai, a city known for blending old and new, as it hosts the second Masters event of the season. With twelve top teams coming here, the competition is not just about points, but also about earning a spot in the important Champions event.


Adding China as the fourth league in the VCT is a big move to include everyone in the excitement of esports. This means more players and fans from China are part of the action, showing how gaming brings people together. Beyond just fans of games, this change also reflects how gaming is becoming a major form of entertainment and competition.

When esports comes to Shanghai for the second Masters event, it's a big deal. The city's lively atmosphere combines with the competitive energy of the event. This event is a big stage to show off skills, tactics, and teamwork, all important parts of esports. Beyond the screens, this also makes Shanghai a big name in esports, making a mark on the industry. China joining in means the VCT is changing for the better, bringing players and professionals together in an exciting time of teamwork and progress.

In Conclusion

The 2024 VALORANT Champions Tour has begun, offering a year that will reshape esports, engage players and fans, and create a new competitive horizon. Riot Games is ushering in an exciting era for esports, promising a thrilling journey through the world of VALORANT. With every tournament, match, and moment, a story of excitement and excellence unfolds.


VCT 2024: Riot Reveals Ambitious and Exciting Schedule
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