Valve’s Invitees for Paris Major RMR Closed Qualifiers Unveiled

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Valve’s Invitees for Paris Major RMR Closed Qualifiers Unveiled

We’re one step closer to the much-awaited Paris Major

The Regional Major Rankings for the Paris Major is gearing up to be a spectacular showcase of the best talent in the world of competitive CSGO. Anticipation for the event builds as the list of teams set to participate in the closed regional qualifiers for the highly anticipated Paris Major RMR has been released. This event promises to bring together top-tier players from all over the world to compete in a challenging and exciting qualifying process.

Valve, who oversee the competition, have been hard at work updating their Regional Rankings following the conclusion of Intel Extreme Masters Katowice. The result is ready, with the list of teams set to ignite the Paris Major RMR has been made available for examination. This list is still subject to change, and anything could happen between now and the start of the tournament, but for now, it stands. Valve or BLAST may still alter the final lineup.

Most of the teams mentioned at the end of this article are almost certain to participate in the qualifiers for their respective regions. However, the final result may still be affected by way of changes to rosters, and the decision of some teams to switch regions — especially in the Americas. Paris Major Wallpaper _ BLAST Twitter

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The Qualifiers

Teams who made it to the Legends Stage of the IEM Rio Major will receive a direct invite to the RMR events, while the remaining participants will be determined through regional closed qualifiers. The competition is divided into regions, with Europe having two 16-team closed qualifiers, North and South America each getting one 16-team qualifier, and teams from Asia, China, Oceania and the Middle East having to make it through individual eight-team qualifiers.

Each closed qualifier will have half of its teams selected based on their position in Valve's regional rankings, with the remaining seats being filled by winners of open qualifiers. As a result, squeezing into the ranking requirements can allow a team to skip the open qualification stage entirely.

This is a blessing because the Bo1 open qualifiers are bound to be fierce, with each team fighting for its place in the competitive world.

With the qualifiers, the countdown to the tournament has officially begun. Below is a list of the teams who will likely be invited to participate in the regional closed qualifier:

Europe RMR A: 

  • G2 (Europe)
  • Astralis (Denmark)
  • 9INE (Poland)
  • Copenhagen Flames (Denmark)
  • SAW (Portugal)
  • HAVU (Finland)
  • 1WIN (Russia)
  • IKLA (Ukraine)

Europe RMR B:

  • Monte (Ukraine)
  • Falcons (France)
  • Apeks (Europe)
  • Illuminar (Poland)
  • OG (Europe)
  • Aurora (Russia)
  • GamerLegion (Europe)
  • forZe (Russia)

North America: 

  • Complexity (North America)
  • paiN (Brazil)
  • Nouns (United States)
  • TeamOne (Brazil)
  • MIBR (Brazil)
  • Evil Geniuses (United States)
  • ATK (Other)
  • Vendetta (United States)

Note: Teams paiN, MIBR and TeamOne have the option of entering the South African qualifier instead. Strife, Detonate, and timbermen will replace them should they choose to move regions.

Since each organization is only allowed one roster, EG Black and EG White have been removed.

South America: 

  • Fluxo (Brazil)
  • 9z (South America)
  • Sharks (Brazil)
  • ARCTIC (Brazil)
  • 00NATION (Brazil)
  • Imperial (Brazil)
  • Corinthians (Brazil)
  • O PLANO (Brazil)

Note: Like NA, if any of the Brazilian teams centered up north chooses to participate in the South American qualifiers instead, O PLANO, ARCTIC and Corinthians would be removed from the list in that order.


  • IHC (Mongolia)
  • NKT (Mongolia)
  • Eruption (Mongolia)
  • Clutch (Mongolia)


  • Lynn Vision (China)
  • Rare Atom (China)
  • HSG fe (Asia)
  • Wings Up (China)


  • Grayhound (Australia)
  • Rooster (Australia)
  • VERTEX (Australia)
  • Encore (Australia)

Middle East: 

  • Invictus International (Asia)
  • Nixuh (South Africa)
  • Bravado (South Africa)
  • Goliath (South Africa)

Note: Nixuh has dissolved and may have to give up their seat. Meanwhile, Bravado has made significant squad changes and may now be eliminated from the competition.

We’ll have plenty of content coming out before ESL Pro League Season 17 begins, so make sure to take a look.


Valve’s Invitees for Paris Major RMR Closed Qualifiers Unveiled
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