Valve’s Dota Underlords is Now Available to Play

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Valve’s Dota Underlords is Now Available to Play

Dota Underlords is Valve’s version of Auto Chess, the most popular arcade game ever in Dota 2. It’s a standalone title that starts today and is available to play right now.

However, to do so, you need own The International 2019 Battle Pass. That’s because the game itself is currently in a closed beta.

If you don’t have the Battle Pass, don’t worry! According to Valve, the game will enter the open beta in around one week from now. What’s more, not only is it going to be free to play, but it will also be available on Steam, Android, and iOS.

The Game Itself

Of course, Dota Underlords still retains a lot of the mechanics from Auto Chess. However, the similarities pretty much end there. There are tons of new features, heroes, and items, which definitely have a significant impact on the actual gameplay.

The heroes in the game are grouped by Alliances, and each of them has two Alliances.

It’s also important to note that there are still a few heroes from Auto Chess which have not been added yet. Since the game is new, Valve encourages all players to send their feedback. This will definitely help the devs to refine the title before it gets the full release.

You can read more about the game HERE.

Valve’s Dota Underlords is Now Available to Play
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