Valve Seemingly Rushes Out Fix for Critical CS2 Security Flaw

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Valve Seemingly Rushes Out Fix for Critical CS2 Security Flaw

According to a prominent CS2 data miner, Valve has addressed a crucial CS2 security flaw that players had detected recently

Valve appears to have taken steps to address a significant security vulnerability in CS2. While an official confirmation is still pending, a well-known dataminer has provided reassurance that the issue has already been resolved. According to the source, however, the fix might have come at the cost of certain features in the game.

What CS2 Security Flaw Has Been Fixed?

According to Dataminer Maksim “Gabe Follower” Poletayev, the CS2 developers successfully patched the Steam Workshop vulnerability, which had the potential to exploit players' inventories. This fix, however, had an unintended consequence—it disabled several functionalities within the game. Gabe Follower emphasized that while the critical security loophole has been addressed, the impact of this resolution may significantly alter or impair certain aspects of gameplay.

Game files analyzed by Gabe Follower reveal that the custom panorama elements packed in maps have been disabled. That means creating a cinematic gameplay video with an external player will no longer be possible.

CS2 players, however, will be relieved to see that Valve has acted promptly to fix the security vulnerability. The issue first came to light on December 11, when several players identified a loophole that allowed unauthorized access to another player's inventory, granting the ability to perform actions like deleting cases, applying stickers, and exchanging skins without proper authorization. Concerned community members and influencers advised refraining from CS2 gameplay during this vulnerable period to mitigate the potential risks of this exploit.

Valve Seemingly Rushes Out Fix for Critical CS2 Security Flaw

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This is the second major security bug that has recently affected the game. Earlier, keen-eyed CS2 Reddit players noticed a bug that let people run HTML code using their names. By using this exploit, they could look at others' IP addresses, which is, needless to say, a severe security compromise. Valve intervened fast and stopped the loophole, but the personal information of several CS2 players might have already been exposed by then.

Valve Seemingly Rushes Out Fix for Critical CS2 Security Flaw
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