Valve Introduces DPC Team Profiles, A Visual Overhaul To Track Games

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Valve Introduces DPC Team Profiles, A Visual Overhaul To Track Games

Valve is introducing a great idea, though it may need some refinement.

Just today, Valve added Dota Pro Circuit Team Profiles, which is a visual overhaul to the Live Matches section of the game. The changes will let fans track several sections of a match, including the intricate details.

To check the new changes, players need to click the “Watch” section on top of the screen and click on the desired team name they want to track from Division 1 and 2. Once fans open the team hub, they will see team and player stats plus top heroes. Users can also find each team’s season schedule and upcoming opponents.

A screenshot from the Dota 2 client showing the Evil Geniuses' team profile, featuring each player on the team and stats about them.

Team Profiles display the entire roster and their playing positions. Each player’s details are available with their average KDA. The screen also offers great insight into a team’s top heroes, averages of kills, deaths and game duration. In addition, Player Profiles give averages of the team’s fighting, farming and versatility.

The developers have also added a spoiler-free mode, which users can enable by clicking on the Live option in the upper-right of the Watch section. This will disable the live feed on the screen and provide manual controls to display the results of a game.

Although these changes are impressive additions to the viewing experience of the users, the interface could be a lot more informative. This is the first edition of the update and Valve has plenty of time to further polish the Team Profiles. For example, a clickable player profile with a lot more information on a specific player is a great way for fans to track and know more about their favorite stars and how they are performing.

Valve has also informed us that these changes are an integral part of the upcoming fan content system, which is currently in the works.

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