Valve Get Rid Of The Wallhack Command In The New CS2 Update

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Valve Get Rid Of The Wallhack Command In The New CS2 Update

No more see-through walls in the official CS2 servers

Gamers who had access to the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test edition had been talking about a bug that allowed players to see through walls with a special console command. Valve took note of the incident and removed the command that some players were taking advantage of. 

The console command had gone viral on social media, which gave players who knew about it an unfair advantage over opponents who had no idea what was going on. Now that the hack is no longer available, some players, who discovered the cheat recently but couldn’t utilize it much, expressed their frustration. 

Some, on the other hand, were urging Valve to intervene and punish players for using the wall-hack command. 



Valve rolled out the CS2 Limited Edition to a small group of players, so that they can know about bugs from feedback and iron them out before the final release. No other bug has caused as much fuss as the wall-hack bug though, which prompted the developers to fix the issue immediately. 

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Many prominent Counter-Strike players expressed their discontent about the bug. Swedish player Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg called out a player for using the wall-hack code against him. 

Valve released the new update on Thursday, which successfully eradicated the bug.