Valve Expands CS2 Beta Access

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Valve Expands CS2 Beta Access

Valve has rolled out another new CS2 beta update and it allows more players to get beta access to the game 

Valve has once again released an update to Counter-Strike 2, marking the fourth consecutive day of adjustments and smaller fixes following the major update on Tuesday. 

The most important highlight in the latest patchnotes is the announcement of an ongoing process to add a second wave of users to the limited test. 

With Valve consistently expanding the test since its launch in March, the inclusion of a second wave of users in the latest patchnotes indicates a substantial surge in the number of players gaining access to the beta.

Having replaced Dust2 in the limited test earlier this week, Mirage has now received its first round of fixes, along with several other minor adjustments implemented in the beta game.

Here are the changes 

Read the full release notes here.

Valve Expands CS2 Beta Access
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