Valve Drops Paris Major Champions Sticker

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Valve Drops Paris Major Champions Sticker

The latest CSGO update debuts the Paris Major 2023 Champions sticker

Valve has recently rolled out an update for CSGO, introducing stickers featuring the Paris Major 2023 champion to the game. Moreover, fans of Vitality can grab their favorite players' signature autographs from a dedicated section, priced at just $0.99.

As seen in previous Majors, the section exclusively dedicated to winner stickers now comes with a prominent Champion tag. There are four selections of autographs: normal, holographic, glitter, and gold.

Contrary to the expectations of numerous CSGO fans, Valve's recent update disappointingly did not feature any discounts for capsules. The developers chose not to disclose the sales percentage from stickers, which traditionally sees an equal split between the roster and the organization.