Valve Drops New TI12 Regional Qualifiers Information: SA and WEU Get Bonus Slots

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Valve Drops New TI12 Regional Qualifiers Information: SA and WEU Get Bonus Slots

Valve has unveiled more details about the TI12 Regional Qualifiers. The organization has confirmed that SA and WEU will get one extra slot this year

Valve has unveiled additional details about the approaching Regional Qualifiers as The International approaches. These qualifiers will be instrumental in finalizing the remaining slots for TI12, with direct invitations reserved for the top 12 teams from the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC). There have been a few surprises in the announcement, such as certain regions being allocated two slots, while others have received only one. To pile up on the surprise, no information has been provided about the Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ), leaving open the possibility that Valve might skip this fan-favorite event this time around. 


Valve has announced their plans for The International 12, clarifying that after the Bali Major 2023 concludes, the top 12 teams in the DPC standings will receive TI12 invites. The teams that did not secure a spot in the top 12 will have the opportunity to compete in six Regional Qualifiers, which will be held at different times throughout the month of August. here are the specific dates and slot allocations for each region:

  • North America and China: August 17th-21st (1 slot each)
  • South America and Eastern Europe: August 22nd-26th (2 slots for South America, 1 slot for Eastern Europe)
  • Southeast Asia and Western Europe: August 27th-31st (2 slots for Western Europe, 1 slot for Southeast Asia)
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The announcement brought about an unexpected revelation as both SA and WEU secured 2 slots each, deviating from the previous norm of allocating only 1 slot per region during the regional qualifiers. This alteration could be attributed to the notable accomplishments of these regions on the global Dota scene. The International 12, as a result, will feature a total of 20 teams, following a similar structure to TI11, which incorporated 2 extra teams from the Last Chance Qualifiers.