Valve Drops New CS2 Update

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Valve Drops New CS2 Update

Valve has released a big Counter-Strike 2 update that replaces Dust 2 with Mirage, introduced interchangeable weapon load-outs, and brought many other significant changes 

Counter-Strike 2 has received a major update from Valve, featuring a completely revamped buy menu, a convenient loadout feature, and the substitution of Dust2 with Mirage. Valve has taken into account the concerns expressed by professional players and the wider community since the Limited Test release of Counter-Strike 2. As a result, the latest update introduces several substantial changes to address these concerns and enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Notable changes include a reduction in the duration of HE grenades affecting volumetric smokes, leading to more balanced engagements. Movement mechanics have also been improved by implementing a new sub-tick system, resulting in more fluid and accurate controls. Furthermore, players can now assign multiple commands to a single key for greater customization, and the VAC system has been upgraded to enable live bans and match terminations.

Counter-Strike enthusiasts can now experience a revamped weapon loadout system, granting them greater freedom and choice. This update introduces a selection of 15 weapons, encompassing four additional pistols, five “mid-tier” weapons from the SMG and Heavy categories, and five rifles. The update also permits players on the CT side to equip both the M4A1-S and M4A4, albeit at the expense of one of the other conventional rifles.

Accidental buys are no longer a cause for frustration in Counter-Strike, thanks to the latest update. Players now have the option to refund armor, grenades, and weapons during buytime, provided that the purchases were made within the same round.

Counter-Strike 2 has expanded its creative horizons by providing workshop tools to the community. Players now have the ability to craft unique weapon finishes, stickers, and maps. The Hammer level editor has undergone further improvements, utilizing GPU-accelerated raytracing to accelerate the compile process.

Valve Drops New CS2 Update
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