Valve Debuts Vertigo and Overpass In CS2

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Valve Debuts Vertigo and Overpass In CS2

Valve has given fans their first taste of Vertigo and Overpass in CS2 

Valve's recent announcement revealed the exciting news that Counter-Strike 2 now features Overpass and Vertigo, much to the delight of those fortunate enough to have limited test access, who can now enjoy playing both maps right away.

CS2 Overpass: An Overhauled Map

Overpass heralds the introduction of Valve's highly anticipated “Overhauls” for map updates in CS2, representing the inaugural release of the third tier. These maps have been meticulously rebuilt from scratch, leveraging the advanced capabilities of Source 2 tools and rendering features, as confirmed by Valve.

CS2 Vertigo: A Touchstone Map 

Dust2 and Mirage, the first two maps introduced in CS2, underwent the “Touchstone” treatment, which entailed updates to lighting and character attributes while leaving the fundamental structure untouched.

As CS2 continued its expansion, Nuke made its debut as the next installment in the lineup, falling within the “Upgrades” category alongside the highly anticipated Ancient map. A key highlight of Nuke's transformation lies in the integration of Source 2 lighting, revolutionizing the visual landscape of the map. With the implementation of a cutting-edge physically-based rendering system, Nuke now boasts a level of realism that extends to its materials, lighting effects, and reflections. 

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Valve Debuts Vertigo and Overpass In CS2

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As part of the first category of updates, Vertigo underwent a transformation that concentrated on refining its lighting and shadow systems. While the map's style and layout remained largely intact, Valve recognized the importance of visual consistency and brought Vertigo in line with the visual standards of other Source 2 maps. With these targeted enhancements, players can now delve into Vertigo's intense gameplay while enjoying a more cohesive and visually immersive environment.

What More To Come? 

In the CS2 beta mode, three maps, namely Inferno, Ancient, and Anubis, have not been introduced yet. Among these, Inferno will undergo an Overhaul similar to Overpass, resulting in extensive changes and a completely transformed appearance. On the other hand, Ancient and Anubis have been classified as Upgrade maps. While they will also receive substantial enhancements in terms of lighting and visuals, they will not undergo as drastic of a visual overhaul as Overpass and Inferno.