Valve Confirms MR12 In CS2 Majors

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Valve Confirms MR12 In CS2 Majors

Valve has revealed a fresh wave of details about the much-anticipated Counter-Strike sequel, including the introduction of MR12 in CS2 Majors

Valve has just launched an update for Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test. In addition, they've officially announced their plan to change the format of Majors. The new format will include a maximum of 12 rounds per half (MR12). This change will also extend to Premier and Competitive modes, along with a six-round overtime.

What Did Valve Say About The Changes? 

Valve Confirms MR12 In CS2 Majors

“Over the past decade, we’ve shipped updates to the economy and weapon balance to trim the fat and reduce the number of uncontested rounds in a match of CS,” the organization clarified via an official blog post

“Because of these changes, exciting competitive matches can be resolved with fewer rounds. And shorter matches mean players can play more, and more often. […] We expect the structure and flow of matches to evolve over time as the community adapts. And we’re excited to see where they go next.”

MR12 in CS2 Majors: Will Other Events Follow Suit? 

The possibility of the rest of the professional circuit embracing the MR12 changes is still up in the air. Considering the track record of tournament organizers aligning with Major adjustments in the past, however, it's reasonable to expect that such changes could cascade throughout the ecosystem.

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Ranking System Revamped

As an extra feature, the game developer has introduced a new rating system tailored for Premier mode. This system will categorize players on a seasonal leaderboard, enabling assessments vis-à-vis friends, fellow players within their regional sphere, and the global gaming community.

Apart from Premier mode, the existing ranking system has undergone an update. This upgrade introduces a skill group for each map individually, putting an end to the practice of having “Office Globals” or players who exclusively specialize in a single lesser-known map to artificially boost their rankings.

Inferno Debuts 

The introduction of Inferno marks the completion of the map lineup for the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test. This map has been categorized as an “Overhaul,” indicating that it has undergone a complete reconstruction utilizing the full array of Source 2 tools and rendering capabilities.

Valve Confirms MR12 In CS2 Majors
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