Valve Announces Return of Dota 2 Compendium for TI12

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Valve Announces Return of Dota 2 Compendium for TI12

Valve has confirmed the revival of the Dota 2 compendium as TI12 looms on the horizon

Valve has sent waves of excitement through the Dota 2 community with their latest announcement. In a bid to satisfy fans' appetites for in-game content and engagement, Valve is set to release an eagerly awaited in-game event that aims to fill the void left by the Battle Pass; the Dota 2 compendium. The countdown has officially begun, as this event is scheduled to grace our screens from September 25th to October 1st, offering a week-long celebration of all things Dota 2.

Valve Set to Drop the First Dota 2 Compendium Since The International 2015

Valve's plans for the imminent release of The International Compendium for this year have been inadvertently revealed in a blog post today. This eagerly awaited news was accompanied by a treasure trove of community-focused updates, all leading up to Valve's grand return to Seattle, where the TI12 is set to take place next month.

The International 2023 Compendium promises to be more than just a cosmetic update; it's poised to redefine the Dota 2 gaming experience. With its release, fans can anticipate a plethora of features, including the chance to contribute to the prize pool, unlock exclusive in-game treasures, and engage in a multitude of challenges and quests. The decision to revive this classic moniker is sure to strike a chord with long-time fans who have fond memories associated with Dota 2 compendiums of the past.

While it may not deliver the same features as the familiar Battle Pass seen in recent iterations of The International, the return of the Compendium was subtly hinted at in the closing remarks of the September 23 blog post. Furthermore, the post noted that tickets for the Road to the International, essentially the group stage of TI12, have already sold out, with Valve confirming that only around a thousand tickets are left for the playoffs weekend.

What Other TI12 Treats Await for Fans?

Valve is gearing up to launch a registration portal for TI12 pubstomps, providing a platform for Dota 2 aficionados to organize and join officially recognized live viewing parties. These gatherings offer an authentic tournament experience for dedicated fans who can't make it to the event in person. Valve's innovative approach includes live crossovers to select pubstomp events during TI matchdays, heightening the communal spirit of the broadcast.

This year's Short Film Contest has attracted an unprecedented number of submissions, setting a new record. Valve is preparing to unveil the top 20 selections for a public vote, with the top 10 earning a prestigious spot at The International.  Starting from September 29th to October 9th, these remarkable videos will be available for viewing on Steam. Additionally, the cosplay contest promises winners a generous $20,000 prize alongside valuable sponsor rewards.

The TI12 Compendium to be Released as a Visual Novel?

The much-anticipated event, The International 2023, aka TI12,  is slated to take place in Seattle from October 12th to the 29th, featuring a LAN format. Dataminers have stirred excitement with their findings, suggesting that the TI12 Compendium will be presented as a visual novel called “Crownfall,” immersing players in the riveting narrative of Vengeful Spirit and Skywrath Mage. The information came to light via a Russian YouTube channel entirely focused on Dota 2 and then made its way to the Dota 2 reddit forum.

As per the text strings discovered, there's an emerging file format dubbed “NOVELDEF” recently added to the game's backend. Observers of this data note its striking similarity to the “eventdef” subclass, which is typically employed for storing data related to elements like the battle pass and ongoing events, such as the 10th Anniversary. When combined with the explicit reference to a visual novel in the title, it strongly hints at the arrival of a novel type of content within Dota, potentially forming part of the TI12 update, and possibly indicating an ongoing series rather than a one-time event inclusion.

The term “crownfall” has also surfaced alongside certain other files, strongly suggesting the possibility of Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit receiving some form of Arcana items in this upcoming update.





Valve Announces Return of Dota 2 Compendium for TI12
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