Valorant’s New Agent KAY/O Revealed With New Mechanics

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Valorant’s New Agent KAY/O Revealed With New Mechanics

Riot Games revealed the newest Valorant Agent who comes with a new type of status effect.

Riot just revealed the next Valorant Agent in the coolest reveal trailer they made so far. KAY/O, a robot built to hunt Radiants is bringing something new to the table, other than his great design.

Being an Initiator means that KAY/O will be the most useful taking and retaking sites, and of course, disposing of enemy agents. Let’s look at his abilities!

An in-game screenshot of Valorant agent KAY/O in a gun fight.

KAY/O's abilities

  • ZERO/point
    • His first ability is the most unique. KAY/O equips a suppression blade, which can be thrown by pressing the fire button. The knife sticks to the first surface hit, then takes a few seconds to activate, and finally suppresses everyone in the radius. Suppressed Agents can’t use their abilities until the duration ends.
  • FLASH/drive
    • KAY/O equips a flash grenade, which has a short fuse time before exploding and blinding enemies looking at it. If KAY/O throws the grenade with the fire button, it explodes 1.6 seconds after reaching its destination. If he throws it with the alternate fire button, the grenade explodes faster, taking only a second to go off. This can really catch enemies off guard while trying to look away from the grenade.
  • FRAG/ment
    • KAY/O throws an explosive fragment that sticks to the ground after reaching its destination. The fragment explodes multiple times, dealing heavy damage to enemies standing in the middle of its radius.
  • NULL/cmd
    • With his ultimate, KAY/O overloads with radiant energy, empowering him while granting him combat stim (like Brimstone’s Stim Beacon). He also pulses multiple times, suppressing enemies around him with every pulse. If KAY/O is killed during his ult, he enters a destabilized state, which lets allies revive him by stabilizing his core.

Changing the game

KAY/O looks like a very interesting agent at first glance. He has a great flashbang and a stim in his ultimate, resembling Reyna, who made some appearances in Masters Reykjavik. On top of that, he has a damaging ability that can be used for both taking and retaking sites.

But his greatest weapon is his suppression, making it impossible for enemy teams to push or defend with their abilities. While it doesn’t stop existing abilities like Sage’s Ice Wall or Killjoy’s robots, he can stop enemies from escaping or taking allies by surprise, which should be really helpful.

Promo art for Valorant: Reflections, showing agents KAY/O, Phoenix and Jett posing together on a split red and blue background.

It will be interesting to see how the pros will make the most out of KAY/O, who will arrive with Episode Three of Valorant in a couple of days!

Valorant’s New Agent KAY/O Revealed With New Mechanics
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