Valorant: ZETA DIVISION Acquires All-Female Roster

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Valorant: ZETA DIVISION Acquires All-Female Roster

After the tryouts, the Japanese team finally has a Game Changers roster.

A little over a month ago, the Japanese Valorant team ZETA DIVISION started to recruit female players in order to compete in the ValorantGame Changers event in East Asia. To make it to the final event held in November in Berlin.

The search began on June 15th, and after weeks of tryouts, ZETA DIVISION has signed flappy, romia, aco, suzu and Moco, five up-and-coming VALORANT players. The team said that they will do their best to deliver exciting matches.

Soon, ZETA DIVISION GC will have a chance to prove themselves, as VCT 2022: Game Changers Japan Open Qualifiers will begin this Saturday! 32 teams will join the fray in order to make it to the top four, and duke it out in the Main Event. After the one-day Qualifiers, VCT 2022: Game Changers Japan will begin on August 6, and conclude on the following day. Here, the four best Japanese teams will fight to get the first two spots and proceed to Game Changers East Asia. If ZETA DIVISION GC can win that event, they will be the team to represent the region in Berlin in late Autumn. VCT Game Changers Japan also has a fairly big prize pool of 1 million JPY, which is more than 7,000 USD.

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If suzu and co. makes it to the Game Changers Championship in November, they have to face the two best all-female teams from North America and Europe. As well as the best Game Changers from Brazil, LATAM and the Asia-Pacific region. Hopefully, ZDGC will have better luck than the male team of the organization, which failed to qualify for VCT Masters Copenhagen and finished third in Reykjavík.

Valorant: ZETA DIVISION Acquires All-Female Roster
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