Valorant Van 68 Error Code – How To Fix It

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Valorant Van 68 Error Code – How To Fix It

If you are getting the Valorant van68 error code, it is time to learn how to fix it. Keep reading to learn more about the process.

Like most other popular games, Valorant often gets different kinds of errors. One of them is the Valorant VAN68 error code, which will prevent you from loading the game. Some members of our team got this error out of the blue, but you may receive it when you decide to reconnect. 

We understand that the Van 68 error Valorant is incredibly annoying and we know that some of you do not know how to deal with it. So, let’s learn more about the entire process and what you should be aware of.

Valorant Van 68 Error Code – What Is It?

Valorant Van 68 Error Code - How To Fix It
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From our experience, all Valorant codes that start with the number 6 in them are related to a connection problem. Van 68 Valorant is a code that you can get when there is a problem between the connection and the server. This could happen because of many reasons.

Once you receive this option, the only thing you can do is press the big QUIT  button at the end of the message. Once you are done, you can try to connect again, but there is a good chance you will get the same error. Luckily, we know a couple of things that will let you fix the Valorant Van68 error.

How to Fix the Valorant Van 68 Error?

To fix this error code in Valorant, you can try these 4 things:

  • Wait a bit once you get the message and try reopening the game
  • Quit the game and Riot’s client and restart them.
  • Check your internet connection
  • Make sure that there’s not an official message saying there are problems with the server

Starting with the first option, there are many cases where you can fix the Van 68 error just by closing and reopening the game once again. If that does not work, you should quit the game and Riot’s client. Some people even decide to restart their computer, but we think it’s not worth it.

Considering that the Van 68 error code in Valorant is related to connection issues, you should check your internet connection. Ensure everything is okay and try using a wired connection if you have problems with your Wi-FI.

The last and probably the most important thing you should do is check Valorant’s official social media and site to see if there is any news regarding problems with the server. There are some situations where Riot Games may be testing some things, so it’s really important to check that beforehand.

From our experience, the Valorant Van 68 error will go away if you wait long enough. Don’t forget to check some of our other articles about Valorant to learn more about different error codes, guides, and current news.

Valorant Van 68 Error Code – How To Fix It
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