Valorant To Get A New Game Mode Called Escalation

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Valorant To Get A New Game Mode Called Escalation

Riot has revealed a new game mode for Valorant dropping in patch 2.03 — Escalation.

Valorant's upcoming patch will drop an extra treat for players. A brand new game mode dubbed Escalation.

Escalation boasts a 5 on 5 game mode that involves players going toe-to-toe in a bid to level up by getting kills. To win the game, the teams need to complete the 12 levels or make sure they have the highest level when the timer goes off after 10 minutes. With each level, players acquire different skills and guns. It is worth noting, though, individual player levels and squad-level aren't the same.

Every player will have a weapon level that needs to be completed. To move on to the next weapon level, players need to kill at least one enemy using the current weapon. While the squad level isn't affected by this, players who fail to get kills using weapons that match the current squad level will only earn half points for their squad with every kill.

Players also can't use Agent-specific abilities in this game mode. However, all players will get a set of global abilities that they can use in this mode.

Levels and Abilities in Escalation

At level 1, players can choose between Phantom Weapon, Vandal, or Ray’s Rocket Launcher Capability. In level 2, they can go for Phantom or Vandal, while levels 3 to 11 features a slew of abilities, as well as weapons. Level 12 of Escalation features a snowball thrower, Stun Arrow, Knife, Classic, and Shorty.

Riot claims each game will last for about seven to nine minutes, and not more than 10 minutes. With each match completed, players will be awarded 800 experience points. Just like with Valorant’s Deathmatch mode, matches in this mode will not affect overall quest progress.

Game Mode inspired by Arms Race from CS: GO

Escalation bears quite a striking resemblance to Arms Race from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Players have been waiting eagerly for the popular game mode to make it's way to Valorant at some point. However, since this is a limited-time game mode, it's worth noting it won't be a part of the game forever.

Details about how long Riot Games plans to keep Escalation in play are still scarce. Patch 2.03 is slated to go live later this week. Be sure to check it out!

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