Valorant to CS2 Sens Converter 

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Valorant to CS2 Sens Converter 

Your Valorant sensitivity will feel much slower in Counter-Strike 2. Here’s how to convert it

Counter-Strike 2 is here, and if you want to try out the successor of a legendary FPS, it’s crucial to get your settings right. When it comes to sensitivity, Valorant’s sens is going to be way too slow for Counter-Strike as most Valorant players keep their sensitivity under 0.5, which can be around three times slower in CS2. 

To have your sensitivity be the same in both games, you need to convert your Valorant sensitivity for CS2. Here’s how to do it –

How to Convert Valorant Sensitivity to CS2

To convert your Valorant sensitivity to use in Counter-Strike 2, you need to multiply it by 3.182. Here’s the formula –

(Valorant Sensitivity) x 3.182 = Counter-Strike 2 Sensitivity 

For example, if your sens in Valorant is 0.325, your CS2 sens would be –

0.325 x 3.182 = 1.04

As a rule of thumb, your CS2 sens should be three times the sens in Valorant. Keep in mind that this formula is only applicable when the DPI of your mouse remains the same. 

How to Change Sensitivity on CS2

Here is how you can change your mouse sensitivity on Counter-Strike 2 –

Valorant to CS2 Sens Converter

  1. Launch Counter Strike 2
  2. Click on the “Settings menu” on the top left (gear icon)
  3. Click on “Keyboard / Mouse” on top
  4. Change “Mouse Sensitivity” by sliding the bar or entering a numerical value 

Valorant Vs CS2 Zoom Sensitivity 

Zoom sensitivity multiplayer is slightly different in Valorant and Counter-Strike, and you generally do not have to change them if your Valorant zoom sensitivity value is 1. If it’s not, you have to follow this formula from AFKGaming

  • (Valorant Zoom Sensitivity) – (Valorant Hipfire Sensitivity) + 0.818933027098955175 = (CS Zoom Sensitivity)
Valorant to CS2 Sens Converter 
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