Valorant: The Night Market Opens

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Valorant: The Night Market Opens

For the next 12 days, there will be some discounted skins waiting for everyone.

When closed, Night Market is one of the most anticipated events in Riot Games’ tactical FPS – I mean who doesn’t like discounted skins for their favourite weapon?
Five Skins in Valorant Night Market

Weapon skins are the perfect way to customize your Valorant loadout, and some even say they help with your aim as well – psychologically of course, no skin gives you real tactical advantage. But it does feel better to shoot some of your opponents down with a living dragon-gun than a regular Vandal. And it sure looks flashier!

Some of the skins come with an almost 50% discount, which is no laughing matter, as some of the better-looking weapon appearances can be quite costly – some of the knife skins can cost almost 50 dollars USD!

However, the skins in the Night Market are random, so there’s a very slight chance for rolling the exact skin you wanted – but there’s always hope. And if maybe you didn’t get what you wanted, Valorant has a ton of great looks for your favourite guns, so you might get something you didn’t even think about but now you’d want to buy. And even if that’s not the case, the Night Market returns every few months, so you can have another chance in the near future!

Valorant: The Night Market Opens
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