12 Valorant Settings You Should Use

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12 Valorant Settings You Should Use

If you are unsure whether you are using the right Valorant settings, this guide is about to show you which options stand out.

People who want to be good at Valorant must use the optimal settings. Sure, there are certain tips and tricks that will help you get out of every Valorant rank, but if you are not using the best options for the given situation, you will have problems. 

The good news is that our team has been playing Valorant for years, and we know that many players have difficulties. That’s why this article will reveal some of the best Valorant settings you should be aware of. Although we can’t guarantee, we believe that changing those things will make you a lot better at the game.

The settings in the General Tab

When it comes down to Valorant settings, you will find a lot of options. Most of them are located in the General tab, so let’s take a couple of important things.

  • Enemy Highlight Color – Every option here can work, but we recommend using Red, which is the default option. Some people may want to stick with Yellow, but make sure you are comfortable with it.
  • RawInputBuffer – This is one of those Valorant settings that not a lot of people are aware of. The idea behind it is to use your mouse’s specifications outside of the game and apply them in the game. In other words, they go through the game’s settings
  • Keep Player-Centered – We really recommend turning this setting in Valorant to off. People who have it on will have tons of problems and may not even be able to see the complete minimap. As for the rest, it all depends on personal preferences.
  • Show Corpses and Show Blood should be off – These are some of the Valorant settings that a lot of people have on because they like how they look. Although those things may make the game more interesting to watch, the reality is that it is better to have them Off.
    Once you do that, the game will become more “visible”, which means it will be easier for you to understand what is going on. This can be crucial if you are new to the game.
  • Network Buffering – This is one of the options that you should have on Minimum. We have tried it using different internet connections, and once we changed it, we always had some kind of lag. Therefore, it is better to use the Minimum variation.

Valorant Controls Settings

After taking a look at the different Valorant settings in the General tab that you should be aware of, it’s time to move on. The Controls tab in Valorant also has a few important things that you need to know.

Of course, we rely on the default controls for most options, except for these:

  • Toggle Zoom Level – This is the setting that will allow you to zoom in and out when using a scope. Most people put this option on a weird key that does not allow them to do much, so we recommend testing everything to see what works best.
  • Tema Voice Pish To Talk Key – This is another option that you should bind on a key you are comfortable with. Talking while playing Valorant can be extremely helpful, and it can make a difference, so we definitely recommend it.
  • Auto-Equip Prioritizes – Judging from our experience, this is among the most underrated options. Many people have it off, but we prefer using the “Strongest” variation. What this means is that each time you pick up a gun, you will automatically get the strongest one in your hand.

Crosshair Settings

It is no surprise that the Valorant settings regarding the crosshair are really important. They are among the key aspects you need to adjust in order to learn how to aim properly. With that said, there are no specific settings we’d like to add here because it all comes down to personal preferences.

Some players change their crosshairs all the time because they think it helps them. If you are like that, try using a couple of variations to see what works best.

Valorant Setings – Video 

The video settings inside Valorant are extremely important, yet not a lot of people know about them. Here are a couple of options you should be aware of.

  • Display mode – Many people use window mode, but you should use full screen. This is the best option for Valorant because it allows the client to take full advantage of your PC's capabilities.
  • Multithreaded Rendering – Some people will have this option, depending on their CPU. If you are among them, we recommend turning it on. Doing this will allow the game client to take full advantage of your CPU’s capabilities, which you can use to get more frames. 

Valorant Audio Settings

Although the Valorant settings regarding Audio are user-specific, there are a few things you should know.

  • Speaker Configuration – We have tried using several options from this list, and from our experience, Stereo works best. Some people are using Mono, but this will make it really difficult for them to navigate while playing. As you know, sound is extremely important.
  • Enable HRTF (On) – This is another option related to locating where your enemy is and navigating around the map. Your directional audio will be a lot better, so we think it is worth it. However, some people can’t get used to it, so it is best to test it and see if it works.


There are many other Valorant settings you can add or change, but most of them depend on your personal preferences. What we want to say is that Riot has done a good job with the default settings. Even if you don’t change anything, you will still have a pretty good experience, which is not that common in modern shooters. 

12 Valorant Settings You Should Use
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