VALORANT: Riot revealed the locations for VCT Masters Tokyo

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VALORANT: Riot revealed the locations for VCT Masters Tokyo

This year’s only Masters event is just a few months away, and Riot Games have finally revealed some information about VCT Tokyo!

This VALORANT Esports year is unique in more ways than one. 2023 marks the beginning of the Partner system for the international Leagues — which means that only a select few organizations are allowed to compete at the highest level of VALORANT in the Americas, the EMEA region and the Pacific.

Additionally, this year Riot only hosts three big international events, one of which will be the VCT Masters Tokyo, which looks to build upon the success of the LOCK//IN Sao Paulo event taking place earlier this year.

With only a few months left, it was high time that Riot Games released some information about one of the biggest VALORANT events of this season. Firstly, the VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo will begin on June 11 and will last for two weeks, concluding June 25. It will be a wild ride, as there won’t be any downtime between rounds – VCT Masters Tokyo will bring about 14 days of hardcore VALORANT.

12 teams from 4 regions will travel to Japan in order to fight for the title: with Fnatic’s victory at the LOCK//IN, they have secured and additional spot for the region, meaning that 4 teams will join from the EMEA League; 3 teams will get a spot from the Americas and the Pacific League; and 2 Chinese teams will complete the roster of this years VALORANT Champions Tour event.

Makuhari Messe, venue for the VCT Masters Tokyo Grand Finals

VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo will take place in two Japanese venues: the Group Stage and the majority of the Playoffs, so most of the tournament will be held in the TIPSTAR DOME CHIBA, an arena built in 2021 which has a capacity up to 3600 viewers. The Lower Bracket Final and the Grand Final will be held in the Makuhari Messe Congressional Centre which can almost hold 9000 people simultaneously, so no VALORANT fan will be left outside if they’re willing to make the journey to Japan. While the venues have been agreed on, there are currently no information about the prices or availability of VCT Masters Tokyo Tickets.

Most of VCT Masters Tokyo will be held in the TIPSTAR DOME CHIBA


While the start of the Tokyo Masters is rapidly approaching, we have no idea of who will attend the international event yet. The 3 regional Leagues, the Americas, EMEA and Pacific will begin at the end of March/the beginning of April, with all of our favourite teams fighting to make the cut. While both the participating squads and the meta will change by the time of the Tokyo Masters, it’s safe to say that the teams which had a good run at LOCK//IN Sao Paulo should be at the next international VALORANT Tournament.

Fans can expect teams such as LOCK//IN Champions Fnatic, 2022 VCT Champions LOUD, always-third-place DRX and Natus Vincere in the mix. The VCT Masters Tokyo will have two representatives from China as well, and while the country fields a plethora of teams, they don’t have a separate Regional League, and don’t participate in the Pacific League either. Edward Gaming and FPX got invites for the Sao Paulo event, so it’s only logical to assume the same for the Tokyo tourney.

While Riot has released many details about the VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo, the most important aspects remain to be seen. Fans should be on the lookout for the latest reveals about 2023’s only Masters tournament!

VALORANT: Riot revealed the locations for VCT Masters Tokyo
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