Valorant: Reltuc Out Of TSM’s Starting Roster

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Valorant: Reltuc Out Of TSM’s Starting Roster

The 32-year old Valorant pro, however, will still stream under the TSM banner.

TSM has announced that Stephen “reltuC” Cutler, one of the founding members of its Valorant squad, is being benched.

The move was brought about by TSM’s recent humdrum performance. Its most recent stint was a fifth to sixth placing in Stage 2 at North America Challengers 2 in the Valorant Champions Tour. After being relegated to the Lower Bracket by Immortals, TSM’s elimination was completed by a 2-0 blanking from Andbox. A loss that effectively keeps TSM from participating in the very first Valorant LAN event in history; VCT Masters, set to be held May 24-30 in Reykjavik.

This is a far cry from when TSM was considered one of the top two teams in the Valorant circuit. Their old rivals, Sentinels, will be competing in the said Reykjavik event.

Cutler led TSM to many notable first-place finishes. Including the T1 x Nerds Street Gamers Showdown in June 2020 and the FaZe Clan Invitational in August 2020.

TSM did briefly try to play with a six-man rotation, adding Braxton “brax” Pierce to its roster in March. Cutler’s benching was finalized when this arrangement didn’t work out.

Cutler replied on Twitter by thanking the team and commenting on the team’s weak performance, “It sucks we couldn’t keep our run going from last year.” Still sounding positive, the former CS:GO pro continued, “I’m excited for the future whatever it may be. I’ll be back on the grind/streaming tomorrow at 4pm EST.”

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