VALORANT Player’s Contract Terminated for Racist Comments

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VALORANT Player’s Contract Terminated for Racist Comments

TenTen, a VALORANT player for the Japanese team Northeption, has gotten his contract terminated from the organization following racist remarks

Japanese organization Northeption have announced the termination of their player TenTen’s contract on a Twitter post, where they offered an apology for the member’s misconduct. “It has been brought to our attention that racist statements were made by “TenTen,” a player belonging to our VALORANT division, at a distribution on July 4, 2023.” – Northeption mentioned in their Twitter statement.

“The inappropriate comments made by “TenTen” during the distribution of the game were not acceptable to us, and we have come to the conclusion to terminate his contract as of July 5, 2023.” – Northeption declared.

The player in question has been competing for Northeption’s VALORANT lineup since last year, participating in Japan’s Challengers event. During a ranked match, he was seen being toxic to a player and proceeded to make inappropriate statements about Indians and Indonesians. This act was caught on the YouTube stream of Saibani “fl1pzjder” Rahmad, an Indonesian player for franchised roster Rex Regum Qeon. 

Toxic and racist comments made in ranked matches are nothing new to this FPS shooter, but it hasn’t been common among professional players. 

VALORANT Player’s Contract Terminated for Racist Comments
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